3 of Clubs


A week from release of the Lonesome Road, the second holotape is available on the Bethesda Blog. In this holotape Ulysses tells about his travels to and from the Big MT. The holotape can also be found in Lonesome Road itself.

The Fallout New Vegas DLCs have been a unique opportunity to do short stories in the Fallout universe, and a rare opportunity to know, for certain, you’re going to be able to do a series of adventures, with a clear ending. As a narrative designer that allows you to do something rare in the game industry – foreshadowing across multiple titles.

As an experiment, we decided to use this opportunity to tell an overarching story in the Fallout universe, and let the player see firsthand the wreckage left behind in the tracks of two couriers, from your Courier, to Elijah, to Christine, to the Sierra Madre, to Graham and the White Legs, to the Old World madness of the Big Empty… and lastly, the road that leads into the heart of the Divide and the player’s past through Ulysses’ eyes.

This is the second holotape your Courier can discover in Lonesome Road, and helps put Ulysses’ journey to Big MT in Old World Blues in perspective. It was another accident sparked by what happened at the Divide, with far-ranging consequences.

You can listen to the second recording here.

UPD: For those who's waiting for Lonesome Road trailer: as it's said on Fallout Facebook page the trailer is coming tomorrow. So, please, be patient for several hours and stay tuned.

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