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As most of Fallout fans have already completed Lonesome Road, many of them (mostly those who live in Eastern Europe) are still waiting for release. As reported by Russian news site, the problem is that Steam now sells games for rubles in Russia. At the same time, many games have disappeared from the store or are now being sold with regional restrictions.

Scandal with Steam came out to a new level at September 20th. On this day the last DLC for Fallout: New Vegas - Lonesome Road - was released worldwide. (...) The add-on was important and strongly expected, the release was postponed several times - so as soon as it came to Steam, users from around the world immediately rushed to download it. But not all of them succeeded. At September 22th it was clear that LR is not in sight, not only in Russia but also in many European countries. Gamers from Estonia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Romania, Poland and other Central and Eastern Europe found that "their" Steam does not know anything about the fact that F: NV has now a new add-on, therefore the DLC is impossible to buy.

Jason Bergman has also commented this issue:

We're working on it. It was supposed to be live by now, but unfortunately has been held up by issues between us, Steam and 1C. Blame the relaunch of Steam in Russia for the whole thing. :(

It looks like we don't have much choice other than to blame Bethesda (despite Bergman's comment), Steam and 1C/Cenega and to wait for the day when there will be no regional restrictions for Fallout and other great games.

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