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  • Veryblackraven

    Chris Avellone has been interviewed at GameStar Russia. Among other questinons there are several about Fallout franchise.

    The interview also touches on other interesting topics, e.g. some well known RPG series. So you really should read the full text.

    I've even found the English version for you. Check the updated link. :)

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  • Veryblackraven

    Zack Finrock and Vince Talenti, creators of Fallout: Nuka Break fan series, got interviewed together with Tim Cain and Chris Avellone from Obsidian Entertainment.

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  • Veryblackraven

    Chris Avellone shed some light on the events preceding Lonesome Road in his blog.

    Quite an interesting bit of information.

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  • Veryblackraven

    Bethesda reports of 50% discount on selected content on XBox LIVE. The discounted content includes several Fallout-related positions. The discount will last till October 10th, so hurry up if you haven't yet bought some of the following content.

    Fallout 3 DLC:

    • Mothership Zeta – 400 points
    • Point Lookout - 400 points
    • Broken Steel – 400 points
    • The Pitt - 400 points
    • Operation: Anchorage - 400 points

    Fallout: New Vegas DLC:

    • Dead Money – 400 points
    • Honest Hearts – 400 points

    Avatar items:

    • The Vault Boy Suit - 120 points
    • Vault 101 suite (male/female) - 120 points
    • Vault Boy Head - 80 points
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  • Veryblackraven

    As most of Fallout fans have already completed Lonesome Road, many of them (mostly those who live in Eastern Europe) are still waiting for release. As reported by Russian news site, the problem is that Steam now sells games for rubles in Russia. At the same time, many games have disappeared from the store or are now being sold with regional restrictions.

    Jason Bergman has also commented this issue:

    It looks like we don't have much choice other than to blame Bethesda (despite Bergman's comment), Steam and 1C/Cenega and to wait for the day when there will be no regional restrictions for Fallout and other great games.

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