• Vaults 1-300

    Alright I have a lot to say my self, but I want to hear what you want. So tell me what do you want to see in New Vegas?

    Things that I want-

    1.) Better scripting in the chracters.

    2.) Less graphics issues.

    3.) Something to drive around, like in "Fallout Tactics"

    4.) I do want to see the Enclave in New Vegas, mostly due to the fact that they kick butt, and some how they lost to the BOS. (Brotherhood of Steel)

    5.) Being able to sort of make your own weapons, (yes i know that it would be a little bad considering it would be their first time letting people making their own weapons).

    Well there is my first five things I want to see in New Vegas.

    Leave any comments, or tell me what you want to see in New Vegas.

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