I love many of the improvements that FONV made with companions and the missions they come with. Obsidian made some great strides to improve the overall depth of both the companions and the game by giving each companion several missions and different alliances. The lack of a pro-legion companion is sorely missing in the game and a flaw that should have been corrected before FONV’s release.

I do have one major gripe about the companions in FONV and that is they are too strong. I’ve played through the game several times (not on hardcore mode though) and many of my companions have been knocked unconscious but have never died. Without the threat of death as an option this puts the player in a state of not caring about their companion and after all isn’t the purpose of the companion to create emotional depth? In FO3 anytime Charon (my personal favorite) died I got pissed and immediately reloaded the mission. Also why is there an option on the companion wheel to give your companion a stimpack given the fact that they regeneration their health so quickly? Doesn’t that just make this option null? Or is it just an option for suckers?

If I had my way I would have requested that the companion be knocked unconscious once as a warning to the player that his/her companion was about to face death then provide the companion several stimpacks or find them a place to sleep. As you know you cannot fast travel during combat or sleep so option two would not be available until the player has cleared the area of baddies which would force the player to step up their strategy if they really wanted to save their companions life if they didn’t have stimpacks to give. Just my thoughts on how to improve the game.