I always found it strange that the mailboxes in New Vegas were empty, especially with you being a courier it seems like you would find stuff in them. This idea is about a random letter that would be found in a mail box in Freeside. Nothing would lead the player to this mission instead the player would only get it by exploring. The mission is about a man named Bud who is a former member of The Kings now residing in the Atomic Wrangler and what he did to afford lodgings there. Here is the note:

Karl, You won’t believe how 'Lady Luck' has smiled down on me I’m a rich man now! I broke free from The Kings and am living the high life. Let me tell you how it happened. So there I was minding my own business guarding the water pump in Freeside when suddenly, out of nowhere, I’m approached by some kid asking me for directions. He scared the living day lights out of me!

As I looked him up and down I almost wanted to laugh at his choir boy appearance. He looked like he was from the Old World or something. Definitely not Freeside folk for sure. He couldn’t have been a day over twenty one. He had short hair, a beardless face without scars, and best of all he wore a vault jumpsuit. Vault dwellers are wide eyed morons so I knew this meant one thing for me: easy pickings!

We talked a bit as he filled up on water and he mentioned that he was heading to New Canaan. I caught a glimpse of his arm and I couldn't believe my eyes, a real Pip-boy! He asked me which route was the best to take to get to New Canaan. Hell, you know I ain’t ever been to New Canaan before, but then again who has?

I asked him what he was doing out here in Freeside and he told me that he had gotten a message from New Canaan. The message said New Canaan was requesting parts to repair one of their water purification pumps in exchange for a year’s supply of clean water to his vault. Why his vault didn't have clean water I don't know. I didn’t have the heart to tell him but the joke is on him because New Canaan don’t need no water purification pump since they get theirs straight from Lake Utah. I knew this kid was desperate to make a name for himself with his fellow vault dwellers and a opportunity like this comes only once.

I checked him for guns and didn't see any so I told him I would provide him with directions to New Canaan for a price of five caps. That’s when it happened. He pulled out a leather bag from his pocket as big as a super mutant’s fist!

The damn thing was full of caps. I told myself to remain calm but I felt so giddy I nearly pissed myself. I tried counting them all but lost count somewhere around forty- five or so. He saw me looking and he pulled it away from me. I guess I spooked him a bit because he suddenly seemed uneasy.

He handed me the caps and I made up some cotton bull route for him to take to get to New Canaan. I looked around to see if anyone else was in the area, thankfully none were. I figured whoever pranked him was gonna roll him before he got to New Canaan so I might as well get the drop on ‘em first.

When he turned his back to me I pulled my .38 from my pocket and put a hole in the back of his head big enough for a mole rat to crawl through. Poor bastard didn’t see it coming. I took everything he had on him that I could carry. It was like Christmas!

You won’t believe all the cool things you can do on this Pip-Boy thing, Karl. Did you know it measures the amount of radiation you have? Says I have radiated symptoms and need to “seek medical attention immediately.” Guess that’s why my teeth keep falling out. All this time I thought it was normal to have blood in my stool.

I’m rich now Karl. I don't need to take orders from anyone, let alone the King, so I just left them. Come by the Atomic Wrangler sometime and ask for me. It’s gonna be gecko steaks, vodka, gambling and whores on me!

See ya soon, -Bud

After reading the letter the player would be presented with a side quest to confront Bud. Once the player has, the courier would have several choices to choose from: 1. (Medical) Treat Bud for Radiation Poisoning earns good Karma - but player looses 1 Rad-X, 1 Rad Away,& 2 stimpacks. 2. (Evil) Blackmail Bud for 300 caps. High Barter - 600 caps. 3. (NCR) Turn Bud over to the NCR. Bud is then transfered to a jail cell in Camp McCarrian. You gain NCR fame but loose fame with the Kings. 4. (Kings) Turn Bud over to the Kings they will kill him for his crimes. You gain Kings fame but loose NCR fame. 5. (Neutral) Turn Bud over to the Garrets. You get 150 caps. They kick him out of the Atomic Wrangler. No one dies.

Once you completed the mission later on you would find out who was sending the fake message from New Canaan and why. Well that's my idea. Thoughts?