I have begun to make chracters in Fallout 3 that start at the end of Vault 101,on very hard, and if they die I restart and make a new one. It makes the game much more difficult but also more fun and forces one to learn better survival techniques.

1st-Survivalist1-Primary focused in Speech and Barter along with a good small guns skill. The idea was to avoid certian conflicts via speech checks and save money with a high barter skill. Died at the Bethesda Ruins by a raider with a flamethrower after backtracking into a picket fence at lv5 or so.

2nd-Survivalist2-Primary focus was energy weapons. Made it to lv5 and Smith Casey's Garage and attempted to acquire the laser rifle from the nearby army tent. I had forgotten about the Mr.Gutsy there and after a few misses killed me in one shot.

3rd-Gunslinger-Small guns,repair, and explosives. Between lv9 and 10 died at Gray Ditch while fighting a fire ant. I accidentally shot a car that was nearby and killed myself.

4th-Sneaky Bast___-Sneaky with small guns. Decided to nuke Megaton but before leaving tried to steal as much things as possible. I made Jericho a follower and made him wait a Springvale. I killed Lucas with a sneak attack and most of the other chracters as well. However the Mr.Gutsy came out and killed me with 2 shots. Lv4

5th-A Man(As in "I am A Man!" then punch to the gut)-Melee and Big guns. Got to lv4 and close to lv5 and had a good amount of weapons. Went to the Arlington Library and engaged the nearby Talon Company Mercs and quickly died from Missle Lauchers.

6th-Jager(German for hunter)-Small guns,repair,explosives. Made it to Fort Independence and the scavenger nearby. Layed down some landmines but the scavenger walked over and set them off, killing me instantly.

7th-Lone Wanderer-Small guns,repair, explosives(seems to be very effective). I have decided not to complete The Power of Atom quest and I am trying to stay at neutral karma to avoid Regulators and Talon Company from showing up. Had a raider in the Springvale Elementary school spawn with a Chinese Assault Rifle when I was lv3=not fun and a Giant Rad Scorpion at the Super Duper Mart too. Currently lv6 with Sergeant RL-3 and living in the Jury Street Metro.

Vash the Stampede 21:33, March 23, 2010 (UTC)