• Vash5222

    My Survivor Chracters

    March 13, 2010 by Vash5222

    I have begun to make chracters in Fallout 3 that start at the end of Vault 101,on very hard, and if they die I restart and make a new one. It makes the game much more difficult but also more fun and forces one to learn better survival techniques.

    1st-Survivalist1-Primary focused in Speech and Barter along with a good small guns skill. The idea was to avoid certian conflicts via speech checks and save money with a high barter skill. Died at the Bethesda Ruins by a raider with a flamethrower after backtracking into a picket fence at lv5 or so.

    2nd-Survivalist2-Primary focus was energy weapons. Made it to lv5 and Smith Casey's Garage and attempted to acquire the laser rifle from the nearby army tent. I had forgotten about the Mr.Gutsy there and…

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