Before reading please understand I meant to type rise of the courier countdown to lonesome road it cut me off beforehand

With lonesome road on a fast approach and the achievements out fallout new Vegas has gained much hype. But some are really interested in how the courier came to be. As far as we know the courier could be anyone. But recent indications and one lonesome road achievement in particular hometown hero has raised a new theory: that the courier and Ulysses both were residents of the divide or what would become the divide.

The idea that they are couriers and that Ulysses hunts the courier gives the impression that the courier delivered a package that destroyed death vallley forming the divide. This along with the acheivment warhead hunter and Ulysses hope of restoring America indicates that the courier is the reason the divide is the way it is and Ulysses intend to resurrect America in the way it originally fell using the war heads scattered across the divide to destroy the NCR, caesar's legion, New Vegas and all who survived the holocaust known as the great war.

This is one theory. any who wants to express their opinion please post in the comments

And please Bethesda post a release date soon when I heard about this I felt like I was going to kill some one out of anticipation.