Vampire hunter D

aka Callan

  • I live in Manchester
  • I am male
  • Vampire hunter D

    When i first saw videos before New Vegas was released, the strip looked huge to me, and i was expecting this place that you would actually do whatever you could to get into. But now that i see it, i think that it is incredibly small and pathetic to be named the diamond in the wastes. For starters, i think it should be large, with loads more casinos and alot more NPCs there in the streets, some shops that sell general stuff like fancy clothes and armor, side streets that lead to shifty people trying to sell you weapons and drugs, something to make it look dark and corrupt. The lights to me are not that 'dazzling' to light up the wastes as it does. On top of that, freeside to me is lacking alot, it doesnt feel like a slum at all, and seems v…

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