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  • Unbroken Steel

    So I'm deep into both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, having lvl 30's and 50 characters. I have top-notch equipment, but I've made grave errors along the way: (Also, I'm the type of Fallout player that sticks to one character, rather than having about 10 in one hard drive)

    In Fallout 3, I:

    • Didn't care about skill books, no 100-all skills for me.
    • Lost the opportunity to do Trouble on the Homefront. (walked away at the radio signal, should've listened to it at least for the password)
    • Seems like I've reached a total dead end for now.
    • Did not succeed in getting: Mechanist's outfit, Protectron's Gaze, Antagonizer outfit, and Ant's Sting through the glitch.
    • Lost out on several unique weapons.
    • Side quests "timed out" as in I couldn't progress further…
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