Before you read on, please note that this is a work of my imagination, this is not what next Fallout Game will be about, but what I hope it will be like. Please feel free to comment, flame or improve on what I’ve thought of... Tag line: You know about Alaska before the war, but do you? It was publicly know to the Americans that the Chinese were fighting for the resources there, but was that all they were fighting for? The Americans pushed them back, and won the war, but what were they trying to hide?

You wake up in a cell, no memory about what or who you are, just the constant feeling about something that happened to you not too long ago. You manage to escape the prison by whatever way you can, and find yourself in the State of Alaska, a wasteland. It has been plagued by the bombardment of nuclear bombs, the only survivors were those who were ghoulified or came out of the vaults. The only wildlife left, the creatures that were horribly mutated by the radiation and EV spillage a few years after the bombs fell.

You make your way through this nightmarish place, meeting new faces, and those you think you knew before. You find what the Chinese were looking for and have the decision to make America better again, or make you a king. Which do you choose?

Right, so this is kinda what the story is about. Your character was a ex member of the Enclave and you found out more information than you should have, so the fraction you were with decided to give you a lobotomy to make you the ‘prefect little solider’. Somehow, you managed to survive the lobotomy and just managed to make you forget who you were. You're next memory is of being framed with stealing something. Then you were thrown in military prison, which is where the game begins.

Your main quest is to find out who you were and try to pick up the pieces of your old life, or decide that the past is the past and that you want a new life. Alaska is a very harsh place, on par with the Capital Wasteland, with only a few pockets of civilization left. It is also very militarized, as is any Fallout game, and you find yourself suck between a war between two fractions, one of which you used to work for (Enclave) and the other (Followers of the Apocalypse) a fraction which want to use this “Device” to make sure that the wasteland was protected against the horrors that plagued it.

The theme of it could be very pre-war orientated e.g. the whole 1950’s craze hyped up ect. On the whole it would be quite similar to F3, but completely new place and new problems.

Obviously this would take place after all the Fallouts so far, and would maybe be set 10 years after NV? Tell us what you think.

Now this is some of the things that I think should be included in the game (These may seem kinda petty, but they really annoyed me in F3 and FNV):

No invisible walls, apart from map boundaries (Kinda like F3)

Dog Meat as a companion again

New, different style of companions (But still with unique quests) I was thinking a companion that was frozen, maybe a pre-war scientist?

No silly achievements/trophies about how much you can eat (I still haven’t got that one yet!)

Your name would be called “the prisoner” (Stolen from Van Buren, I know)

Super mutant Behemoths

More emphasis on more exciting/bigger guns (I mean come on, there were a freaking million pistols in NV!)

New and old enemies (e.g. the Wanamingo, Komodo dragon and the Hairy deathclaw)

A less theme orientated game (Vegas was alright, but please, no more Wild West stories!)

A bigger selection of pre-war songs with a radio commenter that actually commentates on what you’re doing and gives his opinion, rather than someone who is constantly flirting! (Bring back Three-Dog!)

Maybe a new look for the Pip-Boy? (Go Pip-Boy 4000!)

Thanks for reading, and I hope you put your comments below. I’ll add what you want and your username after you post, but silly suggestions won’t be put up.