• Umbra Luna

    Fallout 4 Idea

    August 20, 2011 by Umbra Luna

    Before you read on, please note that this is a work of my imagination, this is not what next Fallout Game will be about, but what I hope it will be like. Please feel free to comment, flame or improve on what I’ve thought of...
    Tag line: You know about Alaska before the war, but do you? It was publicly know to the Americans that the Chinese were fighting for the resources there, but was that all they were fighting for? The Americans pushed them back, and won the war, but what were they trying to hide?

    You wake up in a cell, no memory about what or who you are, just the constant feeling about something that happened to you not too long ago. You manage to escape the prison by whatever way you can, and find yourself in the State of Alaska, a was…

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  • Umbra Luna

    Well it looks like I have to find a job soon. Seems like this'll be the end of me living of my parents. I've only legally been able to get a job for around three months, and they already want me out of the house and making money! It the summer damn it, I want to relax! I'll get a job when I'm back at school, not in the middle of the freaking Summer! I want to play games, write and have fun with my friends! -_- Damn you parents and you wanting me to get my own responsibilities. Damn you.

    Oh well,

    Till next time,

    Umbra-Luna :L

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