Always strapped for cash? That final mod for your favourite gun just out of reach? Need another implant? The world revolves around money, and it does in Fallout too. Here is a solution to your money troubles, but without the exploits or glitches that some use. Just good ol' fashioned work will see you through, no matter what console you play on.

Your solution in short: Jury Rigging. This perk is inexhaustibly useful, and requires 90% repair skill. A lot, but not out of reach with careful planning. In both Fallout 3 and New Vegas, I have very high skills thanks to planning. In Fallout 3 all my SPECIAL stats are ten, thanks to Almost Perfect, and skills are 100 thanks to careful skill allocation and a lot of skill books. On Fallout New Vegas I'm not far off, just a few more books to find. So planning is key with perks, and this one should definitely be incorporated.

Killing in Fallout is unavoidable, as you may have noticed, in some circumstances. Jesus and his 'turn the other cheek' can't save you here, mainly because a Fiend will beat the life out of you without a second though, not decide to leave you alone. But, killing has its benifits too: namely looting. If you are like me, you will have huge hoards of loot, from buildings as well as enemies, and think "I'll sell that later". With this perk, later is now! I will use guns as my example, and I apologise to armour hoarders.

Here is how it works: One-handed guns can be repaired with one-handed guns, two handed guns with two handed guns, and so on and so forth. Thus, if you had a broken hunting revolver, why not repair it with a couple of 9mm pistols and treble your money when selling it? You could repair an Anti-materiel rifle with a single shotgun, and I have done so. All anything takes, in the real world too, is careful planning and logical thinking.

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