Well guys, I think it is that time. I'm sure a lot of you won't care, as most of the people who were here when I started are no longer here, but I think it's time I stopped this. To be honest, I used to find editing fun, but then since last October I've just been pressuring myself to edit, especially post-split. Since then, I have tried numerous things to get myself back into it again, the most recent being my target of 25 edits a day. Although a small number, I fell ill slightly after making myself this target, and then went away for a week. Since then, I can find no desire to edit, and now all I feel is the stress that I give myself from not editing.

This is the most appropriate part for apologies I feel, and so I would like to apologise to Jan first, as it turns out he was right to doubt me and my stamina for 'radio-silence' editing. I really did want to edit, and to keep it up, but part of me is calling out that enough is enough, so in this apology I hope to find some peace of mind. I'll be watching for your 100000 edit though, and the special image you have lined up for yourself, but I'm sorry I couldn't be like Jakša or Danny, or how I was in the first two months of being here. I know you'll be disappointed in me, so I want to ask you a favour, but I will leave that till the end. Danny, I'm sorry that I didn't finish the history project, and that I will kind of just leave it, but it was another idea to get me back into it as well as everything else. I don't need to apologise to anyone else from my conscience's point of view, but I will apologise to my 'chat friends' even though I used to visit everyday, and now it is filled with people I don't know. You all know who you are, even if I don't have contact with you off-site. Same with friends lists, I don't need to list friends, they know it's mutual.

So, now my last order of business: J, instead of putting me in inactive admins (again), please remove all my rights. Because, this is not good-bye for good, because I am just going until Fallout 4. I didn't fulfill the promises I made in my admin app, so I don't deserve it, but more than that, when I come back it'll be a re-birth in my mind, so I want to start from scratch.

So that's it, I'll get to 4000 edits, and I will be in a form of stasis until Fallout 4, like Sam is. Hopefully the people who are important to me now will be here and at the Vault still then, but who knows? At least I won't be constantly trying to be a good 'team' member for both sites then, probably the thin that has made me decide to leave the most. It's easier to be fair if I do nothing, than if I do every edit twice. Lazy, but truthful.