Hey all,

I'm writing this short post to explain my continued absence after renewed effort and interest in the site. All I will say is this; my mum is in hospital, and has been for some time. Currently I am there for around 4 hours a day and really don't feel able to add this site to my list of things to do in the day alongside essays and readings for uni.

Please, nobody do my project while I'm away, that will annoy me immensely. I want to be able to come back for that.

Hope this helps to explain my unexplained absence to those interested.

Also, please don't send me your pity. I hate pity. If you really feel the need to give some form of reassuring comment, write a greeting. I'll understand the sentiment and that's what's important when it boils down to it. I'll write another one when I'm coming back, but until then, my activity will be residual if anything.

-- GOTW User | Talk