In November 2281, the NCR fended off the Caesar's Legion at the Second Battle Of Hoover Dam. The Caesar's Legion retreated to Arizona, and Caesar went with them and fled to his palace at the Legion capitol of Flagstaff.

At the end of the battle, the NCR got the dam running, but the Legion's howitzers at The Fort fired at the Dam and made a large hole. Water flooded through. The Mojave was not flooded and scraped by with higher lake levels. However, the water completely flooded a part of Flagstaff. This is known as "Evian" by the Legion. It flooded all the towns in this area, and was the water level was the size of a 12 story building.

Evian was a small area, and covered only 2 miles. Flagstaff's Red Rock shielded the rest of the state from Evian. By January 2282, the NCR fixed the damage.

After the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, Lanius was shot into a coma by the Courier. Washed away by the Evian, he washed up on the shores of Red Rock six days later. He was recovered by the Legion the next day. He was sent to the the Legion capitol building, Palace Of Mars. He was revived two weeks later at it's clinic. Caesar was furious at his loss at Hoover Dam. He was about to kill him as Joshua Graham had, however, he decided to spare his life at the last minute, giving him a final chance to correct his mistakes.

The NCR broke the defenses at the NCR-Arizona border. The NCR stampeded into Arizona eliminating Legionaries left and right. They were heading for Flagstaff. By 2283, they were closing in on Flagstaff. They had no intention of securing the state at the moment as they did with the Mojave, only to follow the river and eliminate the Legion Command.

Flagstaff is currently the capitol of the Legion. The NCR are carrying out a cleanup operation to eradicate the Legion command. It is April 2283. Veteran Legionary Delmar Vito is a trooper of the Legion. He was born in 2259, and grew up in a small street near Lake Mead. His family was killed in 2270 when the Great Khans raided the street for food and weapons during a Khan and NCR battle a few street's away. Vito managed to escape. He ran as far as he could. He made his way to Fortification Hill. He unknowingly went inside. He was found inside by the Legion guard. He was captured and sent to see Caesar. Caesar spared him labour and decided to train him for the Legion.

He completed his training in 2275. He joined the forces and participated many battles. He was at Hoover Dam in 2277. By 2281, he was sent with the Legion to swarm Hoover Dam. When the Legion lost, he and his squad immediately ran out of the state over to Flagstaff. Vito was in Thralls Contubernium, led by Decanus Acursio Quirrino. They are an elite Legion task force of five who did many major raids on NCR camps.

Joshua Graham met the Courier in Zion National Park. Joshua Graham was remorseful for his time in the Legion, and wanted to right his wrongs and defeat Caesar. He joined up with the Courier in an effort to eliminate Lanius and Caesar. He brought his tribe, th Dead Horses with the Courier to eliminate them.

This story will take place in Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.

The antagonists of the story are The Courier (Sonny McCleer), the Burned Man (Joshua Graham), and NCR President Quentin Dawson. Vito is the protagonist.

Chapter 1: Vacation

Veteran Legionary Delmar Vito

Thralls Contubernium

Thursday, 24th November 2281


Hoover Dam, Mojave Wasteland, Nevada

"Vito! Get moving, we gotta get out of here!"

"I'm coming Quirrino, wait up!" replied Vito. He got up off the bench. He picked up his Marksman Carbine and walked over to Quirrino. A green firework crackled in the blue night sky.

"You see that? The Legion has lost, we got to retreat! Move! Move! Move!" Warned Quirrino.

Vito and his contubernium sprinted down the steps. They ran for the door, and Vito powerfully kicked it open. They were on the Dam balcony. There were NCR Snipers on the towers.

"Shit, snipers! Run to the sandbags!" alerted Quirrino. They ran for their lives dodging speeding sniper rounds. They crouched down behind the sandbags.

"Recruit Marcianus, pass me that Anti Materiel Rifle on that NCR trooper." asked Vito. Marcianus picked up the AMR next to the dead NCR trooper and handed it to Vito. Vito looked through the scope. His hands were shaking, so he couldn't take a good shot. He moved the scope to a ranger on the tower with a sniper. He took a wild shot, and it shot off the ranger's right leg. There were two more snipers. One sniper was in a shadowy area near highway. He was hidden by the shadows, and the night sky kept Vito from seeing him. Vito fired at the nearby bushes to scare him to move so he could find his location. The shot hit the leaves. Vito saw a dark figure hurl itself onto the floor to avoid the shot. Vito quickly shot the trooper in the stomach, and he leaped into the air. There was one final sniper on another tower.. The sniper had a clear shot at Vito and the others. They quickly ran behind a tower to take cover, running there just nanoseconds before the sniper fired. While behind the tower, Vito snook up the ladder. He was near the top of the ladder. The sniper peered down and saw Vito. Vito grabbed the sniper's rifle, and pulled him off. The sniper hurled down, landed on his back on the fence, and toppled over the fence into the lake below. Vito and the team were clear.

"Right, now let's move and get across that river. Then, let's run for the state border tollbooth station. Then, we're in the clear. On my lead." briefed Quirrino. Vito and the team followed Quirrino's lead through the road. They jogged down the road and ran into an NCR trooper who jumped from the rocks above and onto Vito. The trooper leaped onto Vito and held him to the floor and beat him up. Vito wrestled his way out, as the squad forgot about him and walked down the road. He managed to push the trooper to one side. They stood up. Vito punched the trooper in the face, knocking a tooth out. The NCR trooper reached for his combat knife and tried to stab Vito with it. Vito twisted the trooper's arm, and grabbed the knife. He slit his throat with it. The trooper collapsed to the floor. Vito caught up with his team. They were near the lake.

Vito saw two NCR men on a cliff to the north. He whipped out his Marksman Carbine, and shot one in the hip, who fell down the cliff into a radpond and died. Vito then fired a shot at the final trooper's neck, and cartwheeled out of the way of a bullet he just fired. The trooper suffocated.

Thralls were on the riverbank, and there was a Legion raft waiting for them with the two other Thralls troopers.

"This our evacuation plan?" insulted Quirrino.

"Yes sir, it is sir." said Prime Hadrian.

"Marcianus, you're on the raft's six. Vito, you're on our 3, i'm 9. Let's do this!". cheered Quirrino as they boaded the wooden raft. Prime Hadrian and Veteran Ulexes paddles the raft. They began to go across the lake.

"This isn't right guys. We shouldn't be running." said Vito.

"We have no choice. All our bases in the Mojave have been exhausted. We're out of options. We will be back here, and will crush the NCR someday." answered Quirrino.

"No choice? Exhausted? I went on a solo mission and bagged Kimball three days ago, i killed General Oliver 15 minutes ago, and you're saying we've lost?" complained Vito angrily.

"My question is how on Earth did the Legion lose this battle? Is Lanius dead?" asked Hadrian.

"No idea, but i hope the moron is dead. His incompetence lead us to defeat for the past four years." guessed Quirrino. They slowly drifted down the Lake over to the Fort. They were near The Fort. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a mortar narrowly missed the raft. The team quickly jumped off the raft in despair. They swam to shore, however, Vito could not swim. He drowned in the water and sank to the seabed and went unconscious. Quickly, Quirrino dived in to the lake. He grabbed Vito and brought him to land. He coughed awake.

"You okay soldier?" shouted Quirrino.

"I'm fine, let's get moving before those NCR mortar teams close in." said Vito in alarm. They ran to The Fort entrance. They saw Caesar evacuating his tent and cowering behind a line of tents.

"Vito! Get on that Howitzer and hold back those mortar teams! We'll guard the gates!" ordered Quirrino. Vito rushed to the Howitzer and sat down on the seat. The Legion troops were trolling around The Fort for NCR presence and defense, and deafening shouting and screaming was heard all around. Vito moved the Howitzer around. He saw one mortar group. He pressed the green button, and a storm of crackling carpet bombs fired from the Howtitzer, falling like dominoes on the NCR mortar team. There were five teams left. He fired another missile at the second mortar team. The bombs whizzed down on them. The mortar cannon erupted into a bright orange mushroom cloud, and the two operators flew into the air and landed in Mead.

As quick as a flash, a bright white burst of light came upon Vito. It was a mortar hitting The Fort, almost killing Vito and the Howitzer. It blazed the Weather Station and a line of tents, killing a four Legionaries. Enraged, Vito looked for the mortar fire. He saw that the last three mortar teams were at the Dam.

"Bingo." said Vito.

Vito fired the Howitzer aiming at the mortars, however it backfired. The Howitzer miscalculated and it missed. It instead hit the Dam walls. An enormous hole was in the walls. Water from the other side was pouring through. Suddenly, the Legionaries cheered. It killed the NCR troopers across Lake Mead. However, it carried on flooding. Then everyone was nervous. They realised it would flood a part of Arizona. However, nobody knew it was Vito who fired the shot. Vito knew he was responsible for the flooding of Arizona. However, he kept quiet as he didn't want to be court martialed by Caesar. He fired the last shot at the Dam balcony. It swept the NCR troopers and the mortar teams.

The flood killed the troopers Quirrino and the rest of Thralls were fighting. The mortar teams were finished. The Legion and Caesar packed their bags. Quirrino and the team came in.

"Come on Vito, we gotta evacuate." told Marcianus. Vito climbed out of the Howitzer. He opened The Fort Drawbridge. The Legionaries marched outside, guns blazing. Vito and Thralls were Caesar's guard for the escape. An army of hundreds were now heading out of Nevada into their home country. But the men knew it would be no hero's welcome.

"Did you see that hole in Hoover Dam? Massive flood came out and did the job for us!" remarked Quirrino.

"Uh yeah, i did. So what's the plan?" said Vito changing the subject.

"We must evacuate the state, our mission here is at an end for now. Let us make haste to Flagstaff. We shall assess our options from there. Move!" enlightened Caesar. They walked up a hill and looked back at their incinerating Fort and Lanius's trashed camp. They turned back and headed for the East. Just as they were about to walk to Arizona, a single NCR Vertibird and a team of seven NCR troopers from New Camp Guardian.

"Where the fuck did that come from? Veteran Ulexes, Recruit Marcianus, Prime Hadrian! Fend off those soldiers! Vito, run back to The Fort and eliminate that Vertibird with the Howitzer! MOVE!" demanded Quirrino.

Vito quickly sprinted to The Fort. He vaulted the fence, and jumped onto the Howitzer. He moved it around to face the NCR Vertibird. It was brown with yellow wings. Vito fired at it's wing. The right wing was heavily damaged, but was still in the air. The Vertibird fired a gatling gun at Vito. He hurled himself away from the minigun fire. Vito then jogged away from the minigun fire, and hid behind Caesar's tent. The Vertibird turned round to attack the others. Just then, he got back on the Howitzer. He furiously fired at the back wing. It tilted out of control, and crashed upside down on the Guardian troopers, squashing them. The Vertibird panels were flying in the sky, and a loud crumble was heard. The Vertibird then exploded into an array of yellow cloud. Vito regrouped with Thralls and the entire Mojave Caesar's Legion.

"Marvellous work there Vito. Now, Legion! We must trek back to Flagstaff! Follow my lead. We will be there in 3 hours. Let us begin!" stated Caesar.

Chapter 2: Sixteen Months On

Day 1

Wednesday, 3rd April 2283

Palace Of Mars, Caesar's Legion Capitol Building, Flagstaff, Arizona, en route to Flagstaff US Naval Observatory (Now NCR)


Vito, Thralls, and the rest of the Mojave Legion and Caesar made the long hard journey to Flagstaff without a scratch, with no further NCR ambush. Caesar sat upon his throne again in Flagstaff, and Vito was stationed at the Temple Of Mars.

In the year and a half that passed, Lanius washed up at Red Rock two weeks after they got to Flagstaff. He was about to be killed as Joshua Graham was, but spared if he fixes his mistakes. The flood from Hoover Dam was fixed in 22nd December 2281. Evian occured and flooded a two miles east of Red Rock. By 2282, the Courier visited Joshua Graham in Zion Park in January 2282. He agreed to join up with the Courier to defeat Caesar. The Courier saved him and evacuated him from Zion, and brought him back to the Lucky 38 (the Courier's house after he killed House and the NCR took over New Vegas). The Courier working with the NCR (hiding Graham) worked on a master plan to invade Flagstaff, and begin the Arizona Campaign.

In 2283, the NCR and the Courier's plan to invade Arizona begun. The NCR broke the border defences and were following the I-40 to Flagstaff to eliminate the Legion Command. Thralls were sent on many missions to eliminate the invaders. In 2281 December, the new NCR President, Quentin Dawson, was elected. He vowed to eliminate the Legion Command and invade The Four States Commonwealth.

In April 2283, the NCR are closing in on Flagstaff, but are unable to get past Evian. However, they are redirecting their troops around Red Rock. Thralls are being sent on missions to patrol the area around Red Rock, however the NCR are catching on, and pushing back. Thralls were one of the main teams in keeping them at bay.

Vito woke up in a grey tent, his barracks at the Palace Of Mars. He tiredly walked around to his squad members.

"Quirrino, Hadrian, Marcianus, Ulexes, get up. We gotta go to patrol again." he informed.

"I wish this war can just end. That Red Rock patrol duty is such bullshit" complained Ulexes.

"Quit whining, meet me outside Caesar's Temple.

He opened the door and walked into the atrium of the palace.. The temple was very royal, with colorful patterned windows and floors, and yellow walls. He walked down the hall to through arch doors, and through glass exit with two Centurion Guards. He was outside. The outside temple was grey with broken cement. He walked on a red carpet through to Caesar's Temple, which was brown stone. Two Centurion Guards were awaiting him.

"Can i have your name?" asked the guard.

"Delmar Vito. Caesar wants me and my team to meet him for an assignment today. My contubernium are walking down now." explained Vito.

"Alright, you and the others can go on through." said the guard.

Vito and Thralls walked through the Caesar's Legion Flag curtain into the temple. It was beautifully decorated with a purple carpet. They walked up a staircase into Caesar's Throneroom. It looked like a pre-war living room. It had a green carpet, fireplace, white walls, chandelier, and the throne was brown leather with gold attatchments. Caesar was sat waiting.

"Ah. Vito, my most trusted elite, Quirrino, Marcianus, Hadrian, and Ulexes. Thralls. It's been sometime. You have seen the best of this war. You took out Oliver, Kimball, and visited Hoover Dam twice. That's a winner in my book. But today, those missions are history. This mission, shall change the fate of whether we lose control of the I-40 this fortnight, and if the NCR can have enough supplies to last another month in my land." praised Caesar.

"Please, go on Sir." said Vito intrigued.

"The NCR believe they can finish this war in the next two weeks, which is illogical since they took over 3 decades to hold the Mojave. But, i believe they may be correct. They're just one interstate away from us, and our troops & outposts are dropping like flies. That is why, i am sending you on this emergency mission. You must succeed, or we die. Lose, and you dare come home, i will throw you into the Grand Canyon." warned Caesar.

"I assure you, we will succeed sir. Won't we, Ulexes?" said Vito sternly.

"You better be right, because this ain't gonna be no picnic. The old Flagstaff US Naval Observatory. A pre-War government army base for radar surveillance and orbital Predator airstrikes. The NCR are getting the military's main supply rations sent there by Vertibird care package and delivered by truck to NCR bases. The NCR are trying to repair the satellite uplink. If they repair the uplink, we're finished. Take out everyone in the base, then steal the supplies, load them onto the truck, then drive back to here." demonstrated Caesar.

"However, i warn you, the trip there is very deathly. You must travel down the old I-40, after 6 miles, turn south, then go through unexplored fungal forests, until you see a large tower. I'm providing you with the armor i give to my men who carry out operations in these forests, and radiation chems." warned Caesar as he handed the objects to Vito.

"Okay Caesar. We'll head out as soon as we get ready sir." agreed Vito.

Vito and Thralls walked back into the Palace to go back to their barracks and get ready. Back in the barracks tent, they put on the forest radiation suits. They were khaki in colour, with silver Legion armor attatchments, as well as a black glass environment helmet. They opened the locker and picked up their weapons. Vito chosen his trusty Marksman Carbine, a Fire axe, and a 9mm submachine gun. They were ready for the trek to the observatory.

One Hour Later...

Leaving the Palace an hour ago, Thralls were walking down the I-40. Wrecked cars were scattered. Next to them was Evian. Vito peered into the large crater. It was sparkling, and the wrecked underwater city could be seen underneath. However, a growling mob of four Custodians emerged from the Evian. They had reflective lime green scales, and were covered in seaweed. Custodian's were cleaner shrimps who dwelled in the underworks of Hoover Dam. When Evian occured, they were swept to Arizona. The unexpected radiation made them need to clean even more. The OCD and stress almost killed them, and made their hearts stronger. With the stronger hearts, they could survive out of water for 3 hours. They are the size of a Yao Guai, are very muscular. They can spit radiation spitballs from the cleaning at their enemies, and have Kung-Fu like attacks with their cleaner arms.

"Where did that come from? Never mind, get to something high, they can't climb!" cried Quirrino. Vito climbed up a stack of cars in a pileup. Quirrino, Hadrian and Ulexes climbed on top of a BP tank truck, and Marcianus kicked opened the door of a US Army truck and got inside for cover as green spit was flung around the highway.

"I just want to get to the observatory." whined Ulexes.

"Shut up Ulexes. You've been at your whining since 76' and we're tired of it. You are giving a bad impression of the great Legion. Shut it, or i will fling you into the Evian, doing the Legion a favour." growled Quirrino.

However, climbing was no use. The Custodians stormed up to the limo, spat on it to easily make it slip, and headbutted. It fell over to it's roof. They did the same with the tank truck. Suddenly, fire burst out of the tank truck. In a few seconds it would blow up. The Custodians then approached the pileup, and began to climb up it. Vito leaped off before it they walked up.

"Hurry, get to that Poseidon Station!" ordered Quirrino hurriedly. They sprinted towards it and stood in the revolving door. They were inside, and Thralls crouched behind an aisle, while Hadrian tried to close the door. He tried putting a chair in the way, but Marcianus told him he has another plan he wants to try out.

"Marcianus, think! You're the Thralls science guy!" insulted Ulexes.

"QUIET dissolute!" roared Quirrino through gritted teeth.

"I'm going to make a little something for the Custodians when they enter." claimed Marcianus. He snatched a Cadbury's Creme Egg from a shelf. With the RadAway and Rad-X supplies given by Caesar, he mixed them up, then added Legion Healing Powder to it, and poured the liquid in a half empty bottle of Nuka Cola. He got his lighter from his pocket, lit the can, and a chain of red smoke raised into the air and was bubbling up. He quickly placed it in front of the entrance. The Custodians waddled their way to the revolving door.

"Get down!" yelled Marcianus. The bottle exploded into a large green explosion. Packets and Custodian limbs were flying around the station.

"Let's get moving people!" said Vito calmly.

They exited the Poseidon Station. They continued their journey to the forests.

"Marc, what the Hell was that?" asked Vito in amazement.

"Uhh, a little experiment I made in the weapon refinery back at the Palace." said Marcianus.

"Less of the chit-chat. We gotta be careful, we're a few hundred yards away from the forest." snapped Quirrino concentrating on the map.

"Looks like we turn left here, into the forests. Everyone get on the environment helmets and Rad-X. Come on." informed Quirrino.

Quirrino led them into the fungus forests. The sky was bright green. Green gas was sighted floating in the air. It was a crazy lightshow of gigantic purple neon plants. Vito saw a Forest Deathclaw browsing through the plants for food.

"Jesus, I haven't seen one of those things since we trained out here back in 73'. I have experience of outrunning them. Follow my lead." explained Vito.

"You heard the man. Keep quiet, behind cover out of sight and do as he says." ordered Quirrino.

"I don't think he needs a parrot, we heard the first time." remarked Ulexes.

"And I don't think you heard what i said 10 minutes ago, dissolute!" snarled Quirrino.

Vito led them behind a bush of ginormous glowing lustrous rubicund cyan tulips. He crouched and snook around. He peeked at the deathclaw. The deathclaw had it's back to Vito, and was still searching. Vito tip-toed to the deathclaw. He walked under it, and stabbed it in the neck with his Fire Axe. The deathclaw roared, and tried stomping on Vito. Vito sprinted back to the tulips. The Deathclaw swiped Vito from the ground into it's hands. About to eat him, Hadrian tossed a spear at the Deathclaw's right eye. It lost it's stance, and it thudded onto the ground. Hadrian finished it off with his Hunting Rifle.

"And you say you're an expert at this, Mr. Irwin?" laughed Hadrian.

After the commotion, they ventured through the forest more. They found peculiar enormous bubbles growing in radponds. Vito approached it. He poked it with his Marksman Carbine. It popped like a balloon into a thick sludgy paste.

"What is this stuff?" said Vito confused.

They continued on, however, Quirrino told them to stop.

"Oh no...Super Mutants." whispered Quirrino.

They took cover behind a large bubble. They spotted a patrol of 4 Super Mutants over at a shack. One was outside. Vito went with Hadrian to eliminate the mutant guard, and hid behind the shack. Vito told Hadrian to stay on the other side of the shack, as he crawled over. He was standing next to the Mutant, who was daydreaming and couldn't see Vito. He bashed his carbine into the Mutant's hip, and the mutant screamed in fright, and swinged his sledgehammer at Vito. Vito hopped away to dodge. He pushed the sledgehammer the Mutant was holding into the Mutant's face, injuring the Super Mutant. Then, while the mutant was injured, Vito tripped him up down the hill, and the Super Mutant Guard rolled into a bubble. The bubble popped, and burned the mutant alive to smithereens.

Vito nodded at Hadrian. Hadrian punched a window, smashing it. He vaulted into the shack, as Vito booted the wooden door on the other side open and waltzed in. One Super Mutant sat on a sofa watching a TV somersaulted onto his feet to grab his rifle. Without breaking a sweat, Hadrian, holding his Hunting Rifle, spraypainted him with a barrage of shotgun shells in the chest. The Mutant dramatically fell to the carpet motionless. Dead. Vito skedaddled to the upstairs of the shack. There were two final Mutants.

"The Wasteland will forget you ever existed you freaks of Nature!" bellowed Hadrian.

"WE ARE THE FUTURE!" roared a Super Mutant crazily as he leapt onto Vito and knocked him down the stairs. Vito hit a wall and felt dizzy, as the Super Mutant was on top of him beating him up. Vito came to his senses, and headbutted the Super Mutant, pushed him over. Vito and the Super Mutant got up. Then, Vito roundhoused him, and the mutant flew into the air and landed head-first into a large 12-inch television screen, and was killed by a burst of high-voltage electric lightning inside the TV.

Hadrian swooped into the attic, and was unexpectedly clashed by a rain of 5.56 rounds. He side-flipped out of the way and took cover behind a wall. The Super Mutant marched over to Hadrian, and Hadrian bonked the mutant on the head with his shotgun, picked up a wooden crate, and angrily tossed it at the mutant, knocking him to the the wall. As the dazed mutant was KOed, Hadrian triumphantly executed the final Super Mutant with his 9mm Pistol. The Mutant was killed. He caught up with Vito.

"You okay? That really knocked you out." questioned Hadrian.

"Yeah i'm alright. Let's catch up with Quirrino." assured Vito.

"Pretty good when you roundhoused his ass." complimented Hadrian.

They got back to Marcianus, who was reading the map again.

"Where to?" asked Vito.

"I can see the tower over there by that canal. Come on, let's cross that bridge and assess our options there. Let's get going." briefed Marcianus. They voyaged through the colossal neon bushes and trees and came to a rickety wooden bridge at the brown irradiated canal.

"Right guys, this bridge doesn't look safe. One at a time. I'll go first." warned Marcianus. He carefully creeped across. He survived. Hadrian then went. Then Ulexes, then Quirrino. Vito was the last. He nervously tip-toed over. Suddenly, the bridge snapped and fell into the canal. Vito leapt for dear life and hurled himself onto the other side. He grabbed Quirrino's hand. He pulled him up.

"Alright, after that bombshell, we're finally at the objective. Flagstaff US Naval Observatory Station. Let's plan out this attack." explained Quirrino.

"I can see six guards outside. And the door for the tower is steel and is opened by a locked terminal that i can hack. We can go behind that garage and take cover in there. We'll ambush the NCR guards in there and get inside, we'll further assess our options inside the building." interpreted Marcianus. They raced to the garage in order to stay out of sight.

"Vito, Marcianus, go to that bush. Me, Hadrian & Ulexes shall go to the delivery truck & ready the supplies while you take out the guards. Good luck soldiers." praised Quirrino.

"Right, looks like we're on our own. Come on Marc, let's take out these savages and get inside." said Vito.

"Dude, how are we supposed to take out a large NCR base with the two of us? Why'd they leave us behind?" said Marcianus angrily.

"Someone's gotta take care of the supply packages so the NCR dogs will starve to death out here, and go back to their own shithole country." he replied.

"Ugh, okay, let's go." moaned Marcianus.

They walked over to a bush for cover. The six guards were scattered around the building. The building was a white four story building, with a 9 story tower in the centre. Three guards were by the main entrance with the terminal. Two snipers were holed up on guard duty in a sniper nest tower, and the last one was awaiting an NCR ration Vertibird to fly over.

"Okay, we're gonna take out those snipers in the nest up there, or else they'll catch us trying to eliminate the others. I'll take out the one on the right, you take the one on the left. On my shot." demonstrated Vito.

Vito swiped out his Marksman Carbine, and Marcianus readied his crossbow. Vito spied through the scope. He slowly hovered over the sniper's head. He kept still, and pulled the trigger. Three shiny bullet zoomed to the sniper and blew his brains out. The sniper's motionless body fell over the fence and down to the ground. The final sniper was surprised and quickly turned around saw the dead sniper. He walked over to pick up his radio for reinforcements.

"Shit! He's gonna trigger the alarm! Shoot him Marc!" shouted Vito. Marcianus looked over at the sniper. He didn't want the sniper to scream when shot so the other's wouldn't hear. So, he fired the sniper's neck. The arrow sped towards the sniper, and impaled him. The sniper suffocated and quietly fell to the floor.

"A fair kill. Now, let's advance on the entrance guards. The two silently ran behind a truck like a Ninja. Vito saw the guards. With a grenade in his hand, he tore the tab out. He hurled it towards the trio. One eagle eye soldier saw and dashed away, however Vito stopped him in his tracks with a rain of assault rifle fire. One NCR trooper of the last two frightenedly snatched the grenade to throw it back, but it ruptured in his hand and wasted the trooper. There was one trooper left. Smart, he went prone behind a sandbag.

"Marc, here's the plan. I'm going to provide distraction and covering fire. Meanwhile, you creep around and flank him." directed Vito.

"Sir, i think i see the Vertibird flying over here a few miles to the East." educated Marcianus.

"I know, that's why we gotta go! Now move!" bellowed Vito. Marcianus did as he was told and groveled around fungus trees. Vito let out a blaze of bullets to distract the trooper,who reluctantly stayed behind the sandbag. Marcianus was now right behind him. He sneaked towards the trooper. He then grabbed the NCR soldier in a chokehold and slit his throat with his trench knife.

"Sir, this mission is compromised. They've gotta know we're here by now. There's gotta be at least 57 military staff in there. We can't take on that many!" cautioned Marcianus.

"I know. That's why we're gonna wait for the Vertibird." assured Vito.

"Wait, don't we need their files?" asked Marcianus.

"While you were gone, Caesar gave me the NCR blueprints to the observatory. The files are stored on a server network located in the sub-level of the building. We'll go down, investigate, and salvage what we can." answered Vito.

"And the Predator Missile Network?"

"Haven't we all been told this a million times during the training academy? The Legion outlaws the use of all highly-advanced technology. We have no need for the SatCom Network.Now let's go catch up with the others." sighed Vito.

They approached Hadrian, Ulexes and Quirrino. They had loaded the rations and weapon package crates onto the truck. It was a US Army Scania R500 delivery truck in khaki.

"What's the situation?" inquired Vito.

"I trust you've eliminated the guards? We've took out the other guards, and are now loading the stuff on. All we need is someone who knows how to drive." groaned Quirrino.

"Oh my... Vertibird!" cried Ulexes.

"Quick! You lot get in the truck, Hadrian, on me!" growled Vito.

Vito and Hadrian rushed over to a wooden shack for cover. The Vertibird was a VB-03 Vertbird. A special NCR Vertibird completed in 2282 complete with miniguns and missile launchers, something it's 02 roots didn't feature. The Vertibird fired it's miniguns and slowly melted the wooden shack. Vito saw a grenade machinegun inside a desk behind him. He kneeled down and picked it up.

"Hadrian, take this." told Vito.

Hadrian happily accepted the offer. Determined to defeat the Vertibird and escape, he painted the Vertibird's cockpit with whizzing grenades. The Vertibird's systems began to fail, the blades slowed down. The Vertibird peacefully drifted down to land... It collapsed onto the ground. Glass was shattering all over, parts flew everywhere.

"Hadrian, not that much damage!" blared Vito.

"Marc, here now! Is there any way you can fix this?" asked Vito.

"Uhh yeah, not fatal damage. The cockpit seems a tad in working condition. Let me get my tools." answered Marcianus.

He tinkered with the cockpit and got parts of it working again.

"It's partly fixed, enough for working order, however i wouldn't go higher than 250 feet or turn alot. Fly slow and patiently, or the parts could fall off and mechanicals could fail." cautioned Marcianus.

"Thanks for the help soldier. I'm flying. Hadrian, minigun, Ulexes, co-pilot." ordered Vito.

Vito boarded the gunship. He booted up the system. An orange light sparked. The engined came on. Ulexes and Hadrian boarded their places.

"We're ready back here!" said Ulexes.

"Alright, prepare for take-off." warned Vito.

The Vertibird flew in the air. Vito turned the chopper to the tower. Hadrian fired at a small team of NCR troopers running off into the wilderness, creating a bloodbath. Then, Ulexes locked on to the tower in the centre of the building. He pressed the stick, and a missile jetted over to the tower. It erupted at the walls, and the tower knocked over. It crashed through a part of the building, flattening the staff in that sector, with a disastrous effect of damage and rubble. Hadrian saw something suspicious on the ground.

"Vito, RPG!" cried Hadrian.

Vito evaded the incoming rocket and spun out of the way. Ulexes fired a missile at the lone RPG gunner into a trillion pieces.

"Ulexes, i'm going to fly over the building now. I want you to do a bombing run on the East Block." instructed Vito.

As Vito sped over the building like a vulture, Ulexes dropped a storm of artilery on the East Block. A beautiful orange cloud filled the air causing a party of carnage below.

"Hadrian, fire at those windows to hold back the RPG gunners inside." commanded Vito.

Hadrian released a crazy lightshow of lead at the windows, smashing a lot of objects and keeping the RPG gunners at bay as NCR ground troopers cowered in fear. Ulexes hit the trigger, and casted a swarm of shells at the West Block. Bricks were flying and the screams of NCR troopers could be heard as the West Building melted into a puddle of ash, flames, and cement.

"Woohoo! We did it! THAT. Is the highlight of my career!" cheered Ulexes.

"Alright, we're heading back down now. Nice work men." praised Vito. He lowered the chopper to the ground. It touched the grass. Vito shut down the system. They vacated the Vertibird.

"What the Hell was that, some kind of thumb of God you called down there? Amazing, fucking amazing." said Quirrino amazed. "

You guys get in the truck while me & Hadrian check out the sub-level. We can detect no persons down there, so it should be a few minutes." instructed Quirrino. Vito and Ulexes got in the front cabin of the truck, and Marcianus got in the back cabin behind Vito and Ulexes. Vito ignited the engines.

"So, what do you think is net after this? You think we'll have weakened the NCR?" small-talked Vito.

"If you think this will weaken them one bit, you're crazy. They are pushing us to extinction every hour. Caesar needs to be taken out. He's driving us to defeat. All he does is tell us to retreat and retreat, which has pushed us to Flagstaff. We've got to revoke Caesar's powers if we are going to survive." explained Marcianus.

"I have to agree with you. We should push back. Most of the Mojave Legion was the worst of the army. We need to move into Nevada again with the ENTIRE, PROPER, LEGION." replied Vito.

"So what's everyone doing when we get back to the Palace?" asked Ulexes bored.

"I dunno, I might just fight some scab slaves in the arena." said Marcianus.

"You should pick that Vince Windsor guy, one of the Great Khan smugglers, I'd watch that." hinted Ulexes.

"Wait. You just say Vince Windsor. Great Khan?" said Vito confused.

"Yeah, he's a Mojave Great Khan. He was at the leader of that battle near Lake Mead in 2270. 36 civilians were killed there." answered Marcianus.

"Lake Mead battle? Okay. I'll check this guy out..." said Vito darkly.

"Sir, i can see the boss & Hadrian coming." pointed Marcianus. Quirrino and Hadrian jumped into the back cabin.

"So, what did you find?" questioned Vito.

"A wide selection of delivery orders, SatCom repair reports, and some sheets of NCR movement in the forests and I-40. Anyway enough small talk, put the pedal to the metal, hurry!" growled Quirrino.

Vito began to drive the truck with the supply crates across the I-40 back to the Palace Of Mars.

Chapter 3: Fun & Games

Day 1

Wednesday, 3rd April 2283

Palace Of Mars


After the attack, Thralls drove the truck back to the Palace Of Mars safely. They unloaded the crates and used them for themselves. The NCR already began to feel the effects of the destruction of the observatory and stolen supplies and rations. It would be at least a month before the NCR set up a new supply delivery station. Two very small outposts were taken from the NCR after the attack.

Caesar praised Thrall's work in the battle. Back at the Palace Of Mars, Vito remembered what Marcianus and Ulexes told him about Windsor. He went to the Palace Courtyard to search for Windsor.

Vito walked through the door into the Palace Of Mars Courtyard. The slaves in the courtyard were making Arizona like it's pre-War glory. They were giving the city a medieval Italy theme, and the state was coming along well. The Courtyard was sandy, with brown pavements and roads. Small brick and stone buildings were located in the Courtyard as well. Vito walked around. He saw a distinct figure over by a campfire. He went over to see if it was Windsor. It was a middle aged man with brown hair, and wearing a ripped Great Khan vest. Vito could not believe his eyes. It was the leader of the Great Khan attackers in 2270 at the NCR vs Great Khan battle, who raided a block of houses near Lake Mead in 2270, killing all the residents, Vito's parents, and almost Vito. Enraged, Vito grabbed the Great Khan's head and banged his head on the ground.

"What the fuck! What was that for? I finished my work on the office building!" shouted Windsor angrily.

"Remember me? House 76, next to Lake Mead, September 2270?" snarled Vito.

"You! How did you survive? Get away from me!" screamed Windsor.

"You killed my family for a rotten sack of vegetables you piece of shit! I'm gonna kill you!" growled Vito.

"Kill me and your pathetic and comical "Legion", will not find the key. The key to the superweapon, under Evian." warned Windsor.

"What? Bullshit, i'm not falling for that shit. Time to die, Profligate..." said Vito coldly.

"Just wait! Listen... we are fighting for the same thing. To exterminate the NCR. Just hear me out and i can tel

l you about the key." begged Windsor.

"Try me." chuckled Vito.

"Okay...before the war, the government made a selection of superweapons designed to eradicate the Chinese. There was one located in Pulliam Airport, in a Vault entered through there. However, the Vault and the airport is under Evian. The first key is the Excellium, a military project for a robotic Navy scuba suit which you will need to venture Evian. Find that, and you can enter Pulliam and get the second key, Project Ark Angel, a monstrous weapon that will destroy the NCR indefinitely and invade the West. Let me live, i can tell you all about them." acknowledged Windsor.

"Say it." said Vito.

"Okay, last year, two months before i was imprisoned, I, Javier Garrett who is now a Dead Horse, Ruberto Cristavao who was an NCR Baja Ranger in the Baja Of Mexico, Stella Artois who is a mercenary from Idaho, and Emetath Quetsalothos who is a crazy super mutant from Nevada, were enlisted for a state of the art robbery job, that must have quite well planned, and each of us were offered 3000 for the job. We had to find Excellium in the pre-War US Secret Service Facility of Dulce, New Mexico. Dulce is a pre-War facility for researching mind control, aliens, and space age tech. Excellium was one of them. I can help you get to Dulce, and get the team you'll need to take Excellium. The employer of us was Javier, he led the job. The only ones you r " explained Windsor.

"I can't believe I'm considering this..." said Vito pathetically.

"Trust me...leave your vengeance aside...what's down there in the flood is more important..." whispered Windsor.

"No, FUCK YOU. With that line you came out with, i'm gonna fucking kill you!" raged Vito. He booted him in the hip.

"Aaarrgghh, just listen to me man! Stella Artois...she's living in the town of Enigma to the north, and normally hangs out in Juke's Bar. Find her, and ask her about the Jarbiku Incident." groaned Windsor.

"If i find out you're lying, i will blow your brains out all over this fuckin' palace!" bellowed Vito. He stormed off back inside. Back in his barracks, he put on a smart suit for his undercover trip to Enigma, as Vito was very skilled at spying and participated in 2 major Frumentarii missions under the direct order of Caesar himself. He wore a black suit with a red tie, with a top hat a smart combed hairstyle.

Enigma was a small town created 10 years before the Legion's advance on Arizona. Enigma was once a pre-War US Army facility for translating Chinese army codes, signals, and radio contact. When the bombs hit, everyone died, however the robots survived the heat and blastwaves. However, one trooper survived, and was ghoulified. First Sergeant Lance Beard survived. Taking cover in the bunker for 30 years, he emerged and found the base deserted. Determined to carry on his job, he took apart nearby buildings near the base and built a town out of them. He subjected every citizen to hypnotic television technology in their home TV sets that would brainwash the viewers, and Beard could control them and use the Vertibirds in the nearby hangars to ship them to China, and unlock their psychic abilities locked deep in their brains. The psychic abilities included telekinesis, mind reading, and many others. People began to notice the town of Enigma in 2112, and the customers came flooding in.

However, in 2122, Beard's closest aid, Herman Martinez, turned on Beard. Disgusted by his experiments, he murdered Beard, and blew up the computer terminals, severing the mind control links to the viewers. Unfortunately, this caused the detonation of the brains of a small minority of viewers. Unable to accept what he had done, he blamed Beard and killed himself. The leadership of the town of Enigma was then put in the hands of a man known only as "Juke". He was a shifty character who originally came from the Big Empty, and was subject to life extension protocols. One of it's only escapees, he fled to Arizona. Juke turned the town into a successful tourist attraction. He ran the Juke's Bar, and had many citizens in the town.



Vito strolled down to the town of Enigma. It was a steel jungle, with chrome buildings and hulking Securitron robots. He had to go through a security station to get inside. Vito was irritated because the line was out the door.

"The Romans invented queueing. Makes you proud doesn't it?" remarked a customer. Enraged by his comment to the Legion's cultures, Vito grappled the customer by the collar.

"And Caesar invented executing the dissolute." said Vito as he shoved the customer to the ground. A Securitron waded towards Vito.

"Provide Legion License. Failure to do so will warrant you an arrest of unlicensed attack on a civilian and earn you imprisonment or fine." warned the Securitron.

"Well that my metal friend is just one zip away." said Vito. He unzipped his pocket and swiped his license to the Securitron.

"Very well. Please continue." accepted the Securitron.

At long last, it was now Vito's turn in line.

"Entry required 500 caps. If you have a Legion License you can enter for free." said the ticketmaster. He handed his license.

"Okay, please proceed inside sir." permitted the ticketmaster.

Vito walked into the town. He wandered around searching for Juke's Bar. He saw a large gleaming chrome building, it was the bar. He pushed the door open. It was a clean building, with gambling, pool, and slots, as well as a bar area. Vito walked over to the till. He saw Juke. He wore a ripped orange prison suit (his Big Empty uniform). He approached him and sat down.

"Hey there, what can i get ya?" asked Juke.

"I'll have a Carlsberg please." answered Vito. He poured him a beer.

"Hey, you heard of someone named Stella Artois?" questioned Vito.

"Yeah, she's just sitting right there on that blackjack table with those two armoured men" replied Juke.

"Thanks for the help." thanked Vito. He walked over to Stella. She was sat with two armoured men in pre-War SWAT armour. She was wearing a merc adventurer outfit, and had black long hair.

"Stella, i'm here to speak to you about the Jarbiku Incident if possible?" said Vito.

Stella stormed up off her seat. The guards quickly stood up, rifles pointed at Vito.

"How did you even know about my participation in Jarbiku?" screamed Stella.

"I dunno, i'm just a washed up old Legionary trying to find out how to destroy the NCR, and was told by Vince Windsor to come to you about finding Excellium to go under Pulliam Airport, into a Vault, and getting an object to destroy them!" shouted Vito.

"VINCE? How could he betray us and blow our cover like this? Well, Legion or not, I'm not just giving it to you. You've gotta earn it. Beat me in , I wager." she challenged.

"There will be no negotiating." refused Vito.

"Frankly, i won't give you the answers, you have no choice. Beat me or miss out." said Stella arrogantly.

"Okay. You have a deal." hesitated Vito. They shook hands on it. Vito was extremely nervous, as he wasn't the best at gambling. He gulped and sat down to play.

"First to five wins." detailed Stella.

One of Stella's guards dealt the cards.

"Whoa! Shuffle them first, i'm not stupid." warned Vito.

The guard sighed and shuffled the cards. He threw Stella a four and a three, and placed a seven and a five for Vito.

"Hit me." said a cocky Stella. She received an Ace. She angrily decided to stick. Vito felt lucky, and let out a confident "hit me". He was given a glorious nine.

"Alright, that's IT!" screeched Stella as she flung the Blackjack board across the building. Stella had a temper tantrum that she lost the first round, and slapped Vito.

"Aaahhh, you bitch! We were having a perfectly fine game of Blackjack. So if you ain't gonna give me my answers and just bitch & moan, I'm gonna kill your piss poor guard who's laughing at you right now so much that beer is spilling out of his nose, and i beat the answers out of you little missy. What do you think about that?" snarled Vito.

"You bastard! KILL HIM GUARDS!" wailed Stella. Her two bodygaurds blazed their rifles at Vito. Vito backflipped over a seat behind a roulette table. The guards' bullets could not penetrate the wood, giving Vito time to ready his holdout .22LR peashooter, but it was better than nothing. He loaded the bullets inside the rusting pistol. He fired his collapsing gun at one guard's leg, and blood spurted everywhere. The guard fell to the floor and crawling over to Vito. Vito delivered the final blow and let out a speeding, scorching bullet at the guard's head. The guard's head exploded into a storm of sticky pink brain components. Smoke risen from Vito's pistol. Vito blew it. He jogged towards a line of slots. He looked through the iron sights and hovered over the last guard's head. He happily pulled the trigger, however, he heard an uninvited click. He looked in the chamber. It was jammed. The guard was walking over to Vito, so he had no time to fix it.

He flung the pistol at the guard's eye, blinding him for a second. Vito sprinted over to the guard and did a Rugby tackle, and dropped him to the floor. Vito then belted the guard in the nose, breaking it and hearing a deafening crunch. He then headbutted the guard, dazing him, and then yanked the guard's neck forward, snapping it. His now fixed pistol, he whipped out. He slowly double tapped the guard in the chest with it to make sure he was dead.

He strolled over to Stella. Stella let out a glass shattering scream and tried to run off, however Vito leaped over to her and grabbed her onto the ground. Vito pulled his jingling handcuffs out of his pocket. He beat up Stella and gave her a dead arm so he could handcuff her. He put them on her, and dragged her out of the bar.He finished his drink and gave the glass back to Juke.

"Hey man, good on ya. She's been terrorising this bar for two months now. Good luck to you soldier." saluted Juke.

"Thanks, I'll be heading back to base now." said Vito.

Vito pulled the door open and walked out. They had to walk up a slope to the exit. Stella tried to fight to escape. As they walked up, she walked back to injure Vito. Vito tripped and rolled down the slope. Angry, he punched her.

"If you'd have given me my information and not tried to kill me, you wouldn't be being taken to the Palace Of Mars right now, Dissolute!" roared Vito. However, Vito found out she was unconscious.

"Finally, peace and quiet for a minute!" Vito thought to himself. He carried Stella back to the Palace Of Mars.

2 hours later.


Palace Of Mars

After a grueling voyage back to base, Vito was finally back from his trip. He entered the stone gates of the palace.

"Hey, Vito! Been to the city have you? Got a slave for palace!?" welcomed the guard happily.

"Yeah, she will be for all the fuss she caused. I beat her in Blackjack and she tried to kill me and not give me my information, so yes, she will be. Happy early Easter!" celebrated Vito.

He walked over to Caesar's Temple. The guard's gave him a few funny looks, but allowed him in. Inside the temple, he walked up the stairs to the throneroom. Caesar was sat at his throne watching the television.

"Sir, i have an early Easter present for you. Stella Artois." gifted Vito.

"Woah! Where'd you get the slave wannabe from?" laughed Caesar.

"Remember before i went out i told you about her and Excellium? Well, she challenged me to Blackjack to earn the information. I beat her & she tried to kill me. I captured her and brought her here for interrogation." explained Vito.

"Quite a story there soldier. I see she's unconscious. I'll get my aides downstairs to send her to the infirmary. Anyway, get to your barracks now Vito, you've got patrol tomorrow." told Caesar. Vito agreed and left for his barracks.

Chapter 4: Discovery

Day 2

Thursday, 4th April 2283

Palace Of Mars, en route to Navajo Army Depot


Vito woke up in his tent. Tired, he pulled himself to his feet and walked into the palace. Caesar was in a hallway talking to Quirrino. He looked around and was quite suspicious. Every soldier had their guns loaded and waiting. Vito knew something was going on.

"Quirrino, Caesar, what's all this about? Everyone in the Palace has their guns ready." asked Vito alarmed.

"Nothing to worry about, those guys are just participating in my latest battle. They will be heading to I-17 near the Evian Coast to establish a fortress there to secure Evian from the NCR and anyone else trying to get what's down there. You however, will be doing something a lot more entertaining. Thralls shall be heading to Navajo Camp, an NC refugee town and a pre-War ammunition base." explained Caesar.

"Navajo? But that's miles away! There's too many dangers along the highway on the way there!" alerted Vito.

"I know. But it's a unique test of your abilities. Quirrino, make sure this get's done correctly. Ruberto Cristavao, a Mexican NCR trooper, knows about Excellium. He's the commander of the base, a Major. The brat that Vito enslaved last night, Stella, gave us his location. He is our only chance at securing the way to Excellium. Do it right." warned Caesar.

"Don't worry sir. I'll get that bastard." assured Vito.

Ulexes, Hadrian, and Marcianus hurried over to Quirrino and Vito.

"Alright, so we go over this one more time. We need to go down the I-40 and get to Navajo. Once there, we occupy the refugee town. We move in to the depot. Inside there, we eradicate every NCR trooper except this one, Ruberto Cristavao." Quirrino pulled out a photograph of Ruberto. He was bald and favoured black sunglasses, and always wears a brown leather tuxedo at Navajo.

"By order of Caesar, Cristavao is to be taken alive back to the Palace. Anyone who disobeys this order will be decimated. Everyone get the plan?" briefed Quirrino. Everybody agreed. They set off on their journey.

40 minutes later

US Flagstaff Naval Observatory Station

Thralls made a stop at the smoking scrapheap they destroyed yesterday. It was a pile of scattered shellshocked cement, with NCR skeletons haunting the piece of art. Quirrino went to look for something in the basement.

"Sir, why are you going in the basement again? We wiped it clean you and I yesterday." wondered Ulexes.

"I just feel there's something i missed..." replied Quirrino. He jumped down a manhole into the sub-level. It was dark, cramped, and ruined. The dry wall was torn, shelves were fallen, and tin cans were rolling everywhere. Quirrino sneaked into a bedroom. There was a ripped bunkbed and a number of wardrobes with scorched books littered around. He saw a murky paper note on the bed. He taken it and began to read.

"To Cristavao.

The Legion have attacked our post here at the observatory, and the situation looks dire. We're going to lose our hold here. As a precaution, i am deleting all hard drive files on the NCR Computer Network for the observatory related to the recovery of Excellium and the Pulliam Project. The connection is bad out here, so i can't send it to NCR command. I'm going to send them to the Navajo Network instead, you take care of the sending.

We will die today, however our spirit will live on in the heart of the NCR.


Quirrino was angry he didn't check the sub-level in time. In a panic, he ran to the databank room, He sat himself down and typed away on a terminal. He began to learn about computers from Marcianus last month for his operations. Using his knowledge, he was able to recall two files that were not completely wiped from the hard drives. He sent the documents to a printer. After waiting patiently for a minute, he swiped the page out of the printer. He looked at the documents. They were pages of binary and code. Nor Quirrino or Marcianus knew binary or computer code, so he decided to send it to the tech sergeants at the Palace when they completed the mission.

He put it in his backpack and went back to his squad.

"Men, i found coded documents that could lead to Excellium and the NCR's plan to excavate what's under Evian. Take these documents Marcianus, and hand them into the tech team back at the Palace." praised Quirrino.

"Sir, i really need to speak to you about the trip to Navajo. Basically, there is a myth used to scare disobedient children, creatures called Malkur. However, i think they are real. I've met people who claim to have walked into the Malkur territory, and live to tell the tale. They dwell in an area two miles away from Navajo." said Vito nervously.

"The Malkur? You believe that? Are you serious!" joked Ulexes with laughter.

"You are an ignorant moron Ulexes. I have no idea why Caesar picked you for Thralls, but i have a hard time believing you were worthy for the position." dismissed Vito.

"Shut up!" moaned Ulexes.

"Both of you, quiet, or i will not hesitate to shoot you." growled Quirrino.

"Let me get back to the point, Malkur are large versions of the Javelina. They have been enhanced in the Big Empty and released into the Wasteland. They have green and red scaly reptily skin with amphibious bubble skin. They are slimy, and have small patches of brown hair. They have long snake like tongues that are electrified. They are apparently led by the Prime Malkur, the size of an Alpha Male Deathclaw." explained Vito.

"Okay Vito. Although i find this very unlikely, i will not dismiss it as untrue. Everybody be careful on the way to Navajo. Alright, let's get going. We don't have much time." considered Quirrino.

They set off for the journey to Navajo.

2 hours later...

They were walking on a highway. They had another look at Evian.

"Hold on a few minutes, let's just stay here for a few minutes while i have a look." suggested Vito.

"What are you looking for?" wondered Hadrian.

"I'm going to have a look under Evian. Apparently a Vault under Pulliam Airport. Gonna have a look in and see what could be it." answered Vito.

"Vito, i thought you can't swim. Remember after the Second Battle Of Hoover Dam?" reminisced Ulexes.

"In the two years that have passed, the Legion gave us swimming lessons in the Verde. Oh wait, you didn't qualify, because you don't take this job as serious as you should and you are a mockery to the Legion. I would laugh if you were on the Profligate's side." mocked Vito.

"Alright, that's enough. Vito, we'll rest here for a few minutes while you have a look. Marcianus, go with him." closed Quirrino.

Vito dived in after Marcianus. Under Evian, it was a deep and murky bright blue utopia. Zigzags of collapsed and ruined buildings were on the seabed. At the bottom was a mist of sand and rainbow coral, as well as mechanical wreckage from Hoover Dam. Vito looked around. He looked over to a runway. He saw three planes. He looked into in the shattered airport. Seeing a suspicious tinted window, he swam back to the top for air.

"Hadrian, can i borrow your helmet?" asked Vito.

"Sure" accepted Hadrian as he threw the helmet to Vito. The helmet had binoculars for eyes, which was why Vito asked for it. He could now see closer into the tinted window and see through it.

"Marc, you can go back up now, i found what i'm looking for." said Vito.

He swam back under. He could now see past the tints in the window and closer. He looked through. There was a spinning orange light. Next to it he could see half of a Vault door. The window he was looking through was one on the sub-leevel floor. The sub-level was meant to be underground, but the force of the Evian Flood in 2281 ripped it out of the ground. Next to the Vault door was a silver Jellyfish shaped robot, and was carrying a chrome crate, similiar to the crates of The Enclave. It went into the Vault. For some strange reason, the rest of the airport was full of water, but the Vault and the room Vito was looking in wasn't. The robot disappeared as it went inside. The Vault door rolled over, and scraped into place, and closed. He saw a yellow "57". Vito could not see any further things occuring. He wondered to himself why there were still robots working in there, and how that area wasn't flooded, and what a Vault was doing in the bottom of an airport in a backwater city in Arizona. He went back up and climbed back onto the highway.

"See anything?" asked Quirrino.

"So strange. I saw the airport. It's flooded, however, one part is not flooded, and has working robots and a Vault: Vault 57." answered Vito.

"I don't get it, but we'll find out what it is when we get Excellium. Come on, let's get going." ordered Quirrino. Vito passed the helmet back to Hadrian.

90 minutes later...

After a long and grueling walk to Navajo, they were finally 10 minutes away. They were in sugar fields, with grass as high as a tree. They could hear rustling in the grass.

"Shit, who's there?" asked Marcianus.

"I'm not sure. Get ready." warned Quirrino.

As quick as a flash, a towering Xyxx pounced on Vito. He fell to the floor and dropped his weapon. It was just like the story: Vito and Thralls were shocked at the reality of the Xyxx. Instead of hooves, the Malkur had bear-like hands with daggering nails. Hadrian swooped to Vito's rescue, he leapt onto the Malkur and toppled it over, and Vito was saved. However, the Malkur headbutted Hadrian and stood up. Vito whacked it in the face with his combat shotgun, and kneed it in the chin. As it fell to the floor, Vito kneeled down and fiercely stabbed it multiple times with his combat knife. The Malkur was dead.

"Now do you believe me?" said Vito angrily.

"Now i do. Now, the Malkur are going to be a problem for our plans to get into Navajo. Look over there. The Malkur live on these hills. Marcianus and Ulexes will snipe them from that ridge up there. Vito and Hadrian will take out the Malkur head on, while i shall fight over to that truck. Don't ask, just trust me. Alright, everybody go in position." explained Quirrino.

Marcianus and Ulexes hurried up a slope to their right. They crouched down with their anti-materiel rifles out, and had their scopes on a herd of four Malkur in the flat grassy plains to the north. Vito & Hadrian sprinted to their position. Quirrino made a run for a truck.

"BEGIN!" roared Quirrino.

Vito & Hadrian took cover behind a fallen tree to defend themselves while they waited for Quirrino to come back. Quirrino was walking up a hill and came across a band of hunters. The hunters were shocked at Quirrino's presence.

"Shit, he's here to steal the secret! Kill him!" cried a hunter. There were nine hunters, each wearing wastelander rags and carrying blunt objects and poor arms. This wouldn't be too much of a challenge for Quirrino. He pulled out his 10mm submachine gun, it was shiny and brand new. The hunters took cover behind boulders, however one hunter was foolish enough to tackle him head on. The hunter sprinted over to Quirrino, but Quirrino out his foot out and the hunter tripped up, and fell off the slope, landing head first on a boulder down below.

Quirrino raised his pistol. He looked down the sights intensely and let go of the trigger. A fiery bullet zapped through the air and impacted with a hunter. The hunter was hit in the stomach, and he fell agonisingly collapsed to the ground. There were seven hunters left. Quirrino threw a frag at the hunters, hitting a tree and bouncing to the hunters.

"OHHH FUUUUCKKK!" wailed the hunters in fright in unison. They somersaulted out of danger. One hunter was too late, and his arm was hurled into the air, and the hunter soared into the sky, drifting back down to land. Another hunter made a mistake and jumped too far accidentally, and to his shock, tumbled down the cliff to his death. Five hunters were remaining. They had retreated to into a small rusty wooden shack. Quirrino laughed at their retreat.

"Cowards!" he taunted. He approached the shack door. He tried to push it open, but the hunters were holding it back. Quirrino couldn't get in.

"I can hold this with my little finger, tough guy!" insulted the hunter.

"Can you now?" questioned Quirrino. He stepped back and made a run up to the door. He violently made a deafening crash on the door as he shouldered it. The door flung open and two startled hunters fell to the floor. Quirrino grabbed one hunter by the head and stampeded towards the wall, and smashed his head against the wall. A measly four hunters were alive. The hunter who held the door closed ferociously stomped towards Quirrino to stab him with his machete, but he was no match for the might of a trained Decanus, and Quirrino gripped the hunter's head and pulled it down, snapping the hunter's neck. He pushed the hunter away. The final three hunters lost all hope of beating Quirrino and ran away out of the shack. They carelessly hurried across a rickety bridge like a spider, and it squeaked loudly. The bridge tore in half. Two hunters jumped in the air and managed to get across. The other hunter unfortunately didn't and was hanging onto a plank.

Quirrino tirelessly shot the two hunters who made it across. One hunter tripped off his feet and the edge of the cliff, and fell in the pond below. A loud splash was heard, and water rose to the air. The second hunter tried to throw his axe at Quirrino, however he dropped to the floor prone and dodged it. He shot a whizzing bullet out of his pistol and hit the hunter in the neck. The final hunter was still struggling to climb up. Quirrino ran up to the gap and soared over to the other side of the bridge. He escaped within a few inches. When he came to, he slowly walked to the bridge and the hunter. He shook the bridge with his foot. The hunter still hung on. Quirrino decided to untie the the ropes of the bridge on a tree. The bridge drifted down to the ground with a loud crash, and the hunter was trapped underneath the wreckage.

Relieved he killed the hunters, he hurriedly athletically ran to the truck in the distance to save Thralls from the Malkur. Approaching the mountain that the truck was located, he viciously burst the door off it's hinges with powerful kicks. He was inside the truck. He slyly added a box of C4 in the front seat. The truck was a lime green rusty chemical truck, and had packages of toxic barrels and chemicals in the trailer. He planned to push the truck down the mountain and detonate the C4 when it neared his squad, killing the Malkur herd. Quirrino hopped into the driver's seat. Finding a brown leather designer wallet, he looked inside. He found credit cards, cash, nothing to his interest, but stumbled across the jingling sound of a keyring. He found a keyring. He inserted it and turned the key. The engine started. He needed to drive over to the edge of the cliff, bail out of the truck, and watch the fireworks.

He put his foot down and slowly drove to the edge, and went faster. He was nearing the edge. The ground cracked as they were nearing the edge. Quirrino got ready to jump out. He yanked the doorknob but it wouldn't open.

"Fuck, fuck FUCK!" cried Quirrino as he hastily tried to open the door. He pulled and pulled, but it wouldn't budge. He would be trapped in the truck. He was nearing the edge, so would be unable to handbrake the truck as that would just make matters worse, as the end of the cliff was narrow and unstable. Quirrino struggled out of his seat and crouched up. With difficulty, he climbed through the seats and into the trailer. He was going to open the trailer door and leap out. He was careless and slipped, and was hit by a toxic barrel sliding down. He barged it out of the way, and was near the trailer door. He saw a yellow electrical box with three red lights. He pressed the "open" button, and the door folded up, then was pulled up into the trailer. He saw he was inches away from a deathly fall. Quirrino bounded out of the truck, and stumbled onto the edge of the cliff. To his surprise, one of the hunters was awaiting him. The hunter shoved him, and Quirrino hung onto the edge of the cliff.

"You're not killing the Malkur! My hunting company will always prevail in finding the Malkur!" snarled the hunter.

Quirrino swiped the hunter's feet with his hands, and the hunter tripped onto his back. Quirrino took hold of the hunter's leg and yanked him off. The hunter fell down, landing on a tree branch and was impaled in his back. Quirrino pulled himself up, and took the detonator out of his pocket

"Shit Hadrian, where is Quirrino, I don't think we can handle the Malkur anymore!" worried Vito.

"Who the Hell drove that truck down here?" shouted Hadrian confused.

The Malkur were galloping towards them. Vito and Hadrian were down to the last of their ammunition, and could not handle the other twelve Malkur. Suddenly, a silhouette of starlight struck. As it cleared up, a mixture of a green and pink gases bubbled in the air near the fiery wreckage of the truck. The Malkur were dismembered and dying on the ground.

"You guys okay?" shouted Quirrino at the top of the hill.

"What the Hell was that? Some kind of thumb of God you called down?" joked Ulexes.

"Come on up here, we'll head to Navajo, it's just down this road." suggested Quirrino. The team climbed up the steep hill.

"Okay. See that? That's the city of Navajo. We take control of the town, and then we break into the base on that crater north of the town. Get ready." informed Quirrino.

They were on a scenic overlook on the hill. They could see the sprawling city. The morning sun let them see it better. Wooden and orange rusty steel shacks were located. There was a wood hotel building with a pool, and a large blockade of NCR troopers. The refugees in the town wore torn wastelander rags. The town was seperated by two roads. On one side was the homes and living quarters, and on the other was the hotel and military police buildings.

When they got down the hill, Quirrino gave them their orders.

"Listen up good, due to tactical assumptions, i think it will be best if Hadrian and I go into the military buildings while Marcianu and Ulexes go into the town, and Vito goes by himself into the hotel." ordered Quirrino.

"Wait, I'm going in solo? But that's stupid, the hotel is full of armed civilians and military police." warned Vito.

"Don't worry, i can see that there are few in there. Just get to that top floor pool area and take out that sniper and help us with the rest. Now come on, we need to get into that base! Let's get moving!" assured Quirrino.

Vito nervously ran through a horde of bushes to avoid detection. There he saw the large hotel. It was a cream brick colour, and Vito estimated it at 25 storeys high. Thankfully, everybody was asleep, so nobody could see Vito, and he would be able to use the element of surprise or sneak through. Vito approached the hotel entrance which was glass with tacky patterns. He pushed it open and was in the reception area. There was a round sofa in the centre with NCR refugees sitting down, and a brown till with a NCR secretary sat down typing on a terminal. The people in the room gasped in horror of a Legion invasion. They sprung up off their seats and tried to run out, but it was no use. Vito shut the door and ripped off an electrical box with his bare fists. The door was forever locked.

"What are you going to do now, arrogant Profligates?" insulted Vito. Some refugees put their hands up in surrender, when a small amount ran out into the pool area. Vito strolled up to the secretary.

"I demand answers from you. I must know the military's position in this hotel, security, and routes. Hand it over!" barked Vito.

"Okay, okay! Just don't hurt me, i'm just doing my job, trying to make a living, y'know! I've been trying to get out of the NCR shithole all my life but they just keep plundering into the rest of America!" wailed the secretary. He kneeled down under the till and browsed through the desks.

"My patience wears thin." moaned Vito.

"Hold on! I'm getting the patrol update documents!" worried the secretary. He fastly rummaged through. Then, he stood up again.

"So..." wondered Vito.

"Everything's fine, got the documents." as the he looked at a paper he was holding in his left hand.

"It seems there is two patrols in the pool area and the roof floor, and they will try to kill you." he added.

"But I'm gonna do it for them." he raised his arm with his pistol intensely pointed at Vito's head.

"Such crude tactics, Dissolute. Killing me won't make a difference, as my squad and Legion soldiers are going to burn this town to the ground." assured Vito.

"Screw you asshole! You killed Oliver and Kimball! You doomed us for months! You're going to PAY." said a vengeful secretary. He began to squeeze the trigger. Vito quickly swung into action, and whacked the pistol out of the secretary's hands, and grabbed his arm. Vito then pulled him over the till and threw the secretary on the floor. Then, Vito fired a speeding rock-solid punch at the secretary. Afterwards, grabbed a lamp from the till and smashed it on the secretary's head. The secretary screamed and died, and blood flew everywhere. Vito stood up.

"Alright Profligate refugee scumbags, I'm locking you in here and going into the rest of the hotel. I'm hiding the keys somewhere and sending a letter to my commanders. They will search for the key and come for you, where you will spend the rest of your days working for the Legion." enlightened Vito.

"You bastards! You can't do this!" shouted a refugee.

"You can't invade the Mojave uninvited and tell us we must leave, you can't invade our homeland and tell us we can't exist anymore for fighting back at them. But hey, we don't always get what we want." scorned Vito. Vito picked up the bronze keys off the till, along with a pen and paper. He stormed out of the reception area and angrily locked the pool area entrance. The glass was bulletproof, so they thankfully would not be able to break the windows open and escape. He looked in the pool area. There was a sparkling clear pool along with a minibar. A mean and moody force of six Veteran Rangers were in the pool area. It seemed there was a lockdown, and everyone was confined to their rooms. Vito crouched for cover behind a plantpot with a towering shiny lime green palm tree. He leaned his paper with a pen in his hand on a wooden crate of drinks next to him and began to write.

"To the Palace of Mars Caesar's Legion Imperial Military Staff"

"My name is Delmar Vito of Thralls Contubernium, rank Veteran Legionary. I am writing you this to inform you that our attack on Navajo has so far been successful. We are invading the town at the moment. I have imprisoned a set of eight refugees inside the reception area of the hotel in the town. They have been locked inside the reception area, and I have hidden the key in a secret location for you to find. There may be more refugees in the hotel i have imprisoned as I later venture through the building, and the elevators may be locked down too and the staircase doors. The key unlocks these too. All these keys will be hidden inside the holes in the tyre rim of a crashed exploded truck in the fields south of the town, where the mythical Malkur i should have told you about if i get back alive, are dead. Use the key to open the doors and take the refugee slave wannabes.

I am now going to take out the NCR Veteran Rangers in the pool area. I will send you this message as a fax when i get into the room floors. Our return to the Palace is expected by 7 o' clock tonight.

Yours, Veteran Legionary Delmar Vito, Thralls Contubernium, 11.58AM, Thursday, 4th Aprill 2283.


He folded up the paper in half and put it in his pocket, as well as his pen. He stretched up to his feet, readying his state of the art assault carbine. The six rangers were irritatedly searching around for Vito, a perfect opportunity for him to ambush them. Vito looked around, and saw a good vantage point at the lifeguard shack, but a Ranger walked past there, ruining Vito's chance. On second thoughts, he decided to lie down behind the plantpots and trees for cover. Vito took a deep breath and looked through the sights of his assault carbine. He hovered over the helmet of a Ranger at the minibar. The other five Rangers were away at the lifeguard shack, so it would be possible they wouldn't hear the shooting. After a few seconds of consideration, Vito made his mind up. He clenched the trigger. Four loud yellow flashing bullets flew out. The first bullet pierced a big cracked dent in the Ranger's helmet, and the Ranger jumped and quickly turned his round to look for the culprit. The second bullet hit his helmet again and made a thunderous impact noise. The helmet had a large visible hole and the Ranger's brown hair could be seen, the helmet was finally penetrated. The third and fourth bullet hit the Ranger's head. Blood spilled, and the Ranger collapsed to the floor. Due to the headshot, the Ranger had a seizure on the ground, and his arms waved in the air. The Ranger then died, and knocked over a stool. A clank was heard. The other Rangers turned back, and ran to the scene. They looked around for who shot him.

Vito hurriedly crawled to a different position before they check his location. The Rangers were away from the lifeguard shack, so Vito decided to run there. He was there, and crouched down and slammed the wooden door closed. He looked to the Rangers, and they were crowded round the dead Ranger, confused, a perfect chance for Vito to jump the clueless Ranger Veterans. He activated a terminal in the shack. He selected the pool options.

"Welcome to the Posado Del Sol Hotel Network

> Pool Options

> Your Schedule

> Rules & Regulations

> Help

> Hotel Options


There was an option to raise the water level, as if the pool was not full. Vito saw it as the perfect choice, but then he paused. He remembered it could drown the refugees. But then, he realised the glass was impenetrable, so he carried on with his typing. He pressed yes. The computer was stupid enough to allow it to be done, even though it was full. The water rose. It eventually passed the top and came onto the ground. Vito quickly ran out of the shack and sprinted towards the palm trees. He clung onto the tree and climbed up to the top. The Rangers were nervous about the water rising. It was up to their waist.

"Quick, get into the reception area so we don't drown!" worried a Ranger. A Ranger waded through the water and reached the reception door. He pulled the door angrily and banged on it, but it was locked.

"What the fuck! It's locked!" cried the Ranger. The Ranger walked back to them, but slipped on the water and was trapped under a sunbed. He couldn't see anything due to the water covering his helmet, and could not move the sunbed and escape, and drowned. Vito was up on the palm tree, and when the water reached the Ranger team's chins. Vito saw a balcony with an NCR weapons stash. Two green dirty grenade boxes. Vito climbed up the tree further, and leaped over to the balcony. He hung onto the fence, and pulled himself up to the balcony. He picked up the large heavy box and opened the lid. There were four frag grenades inside. He took them out, and added two of them to his weapon belt, and kept the other two in his hand. He gazed down on the balcony. The entire pool area was flooded to the Ranger team's necks. Vito pulled the tab out of his grenade and tossed it into the water. It spun in the air as it fell, and hit the water, where it exploded into a gigantic luscious orange salvo with an ear-splitting bang. Two of the Rangers sailed into the air from the explosion. One landed on the roof, the other on the balcony that Vito was on, to Vito's surprise.

Vito knelt down and searched the Ranger. He had 5.56 mags for Vito's gun. Vito searched more, and found a silver scratched key. It had letters scratched into it. Vito looked closely and read.


It was the key to all the rooms. Vito first had to deal with the final two NCR Veteran Rangers.

"How the Hell did you flood this area, Legion punk!?" shouted a frustrated Ranger in confusion.

"Did you not realise that the terminal over there had an option to do so? Such a shame, pitiful, that you can't even realise that. Can't even defend and manage a town properly. What's the matter? Taking over a state that never wanted you there too rough for you?" offended Vito. He activated his frag grenade and catapulted it towards the last of the Rangers. Vito turned back and went into the hotel room behind him before the explosion occurred, not bothering to watch it as he already knew the outcome, and to not waste his time with the Profligates any longer. Vito went back to his objective. The hotel room was arenaceous, with a mucky red carpet with white brick walls. There was a clawed blue bed. Vito saw a brown incised wardrobe. On top was a fax machine. Vito walked over and turned it on. It appeared it was in working order. Vito wondered to himself why the Legion must outlaw technology at a rate they could only use fax machines to communicate. Before he inserted his message into it, he wrote on the paper "Also note the ground floor pool area is flooded, so i urge you not to open any doors leading to there". Happy with the letter, he inserted it inside. After a few seconds, it added the information. He pressed send and typed in the Palace Of Mars phone number. The message was sent.

Vito saw that all the refugees were in their rooms. Vito opened the room door and was in the hallway. It had the same design as the room he was just in. He walked down the hallway and into the elevator room. Fetching the key out of his pocket, he slyly locked all the elevators down on a electrical box on the wall with the key. The refugees would not be able to escape. As he put the keys back into his pocket, he saw two NCR troopers crouching behind a cleaning cart. A trooper hired a shot at Vito, hitting his leg. Vito left unscathed, and lied down behind the wall for cover. As he could not peek into the hallway in danger of being shot. So, he unpacked a frag grenade from his belt. He pulled out the tab, and tossed it aimlessly into the hallway. It seemed to have flew far, and the soldiers could be seen shouting and running for cover. Vito jumped up to his feet and looked in. The soldiers were lying prone on the floor to avoid the explosion. An easy target for Vito, he fired an aimless hail of whizzing glowing lead bullets in their direction. One soldier was shot in the neck, and suffocated. The other was shot in the back and tripped over, crashing into the window next to him and pulverised it to smithereens, and fell out of the window. Vito did not see if the soldier died, but his instinct assumed he was. Vito needed to get to the roof. He was on the third floor. He decided to unlock one of the elevators to get up. The door opened, and he went inside. He pressed floor 25. The door closed, and the elevator began to go up.

Vito reached the 25th floor two minutes later. The door opened, and three NCR troopers and a Ranger were awaiting him.

"Well, the killer of Kimball & Oliver. Caught you dead in my sights, you bastard!" growled the NCR ranger mercilessly.

"If you think you have any chance of defending this town & base, you're wrong. The Legion will be venturing this way right now, and your forces shall drop like flies. Comical." laughed Vito.

"Shut it! My gun will do the talking, not you. You have alot to pay for, and you will pay for your crimes against Humanity and the Bear! Seize him!" snarled the Ranger. Vito calmly pressed a button and the elevator door closed.

"OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR NOW!" yelled the NCR Ranger. Vito was cooking up a cunning plan to eliminate the foor NCR soldiers awaiting him. He stretched and reached up as high as he could, and pushed the plate on top of the elevator shaft up. He could climb out of the elevator. Vito climbed up the murky steel poles and climbed up to the top as the screams of angry NCR soldiers could be heard in the distance. Vito climbed to the top and saw a blue light in the distance. It was the sky, the maintenance roof panel was for some reason removed. Either way, as he was at the top, Vito jumped and swung onto the roof. He pulled himself up onto the roof. There were two NCR troopers keeping guard and an NCR sniper.

Unexpecting the greeting party, Vito ducked for cover behind a line of sunbeds. There were many sunbeds scattered around the roof, with a crystal clear pool and a bar area. The two NCR soldiers had service rifles, but one also had a Super Sledge. Vito reloaded his gun, looking for a mag in his pocket. When it was reloaded, Vito still couldn't get a shot, as they kept moving around alot. So, Vito stormed to his feet and with rage, lifted the sunbed into the air and launched it over to the troopers. One trooper was swiped off his feet by the sunbed, and the other bounded into the pool to avoid the incoming sunbed. At long last, Vito could easily shoot them now. He peered through the sights of his carbine, and hovered over the trooper who fell in the pool, but he changed his mind and wanted to be more creative. He saw a grey rocky statue of an unknown person next to the pool, and it had four iron supports. Vito whipped out his last grenade, and catapulted it to the statue. As it exploded into a rainbow mist of fire, the iron supports melted to a puddle, and the statue's legs were crumbled to a trillion piece, and the statue had a long fall. A ear-splitting crumble was heard, and the statue motionlessly fell into the pool, water was gushing into the air, and the damaged apart. The trooper in the pool was squashed by the statue. The other trooper took cover behind the bar. Vito approached the bar, but dodged out of the way of a wine glass the trooper threw. Vito glanced at the speeding wine glass being thrown at him in the air and barely catched it. Vito retaliated and bombarded the wine glass at the trooper, hitting him in the face, knocking the trooper out unconscious. Vito strolled behind the bar and gave the trooper a double tap to make sure he was dead, by ejecting three bullets from his rifle at the trooper. The trooper didn't budge.

Vito was now face to face with the NCR sniper, who was in the sniper shack, once the lifeguard shack. It was chrome metal. Vito stampeded towards the shack to break open the door and kill the sniper. As the sniper locked himself in to avoid Vito, he could not fire at Vito. When he approached the gleaming glass window door, he yanked the doorknob and tried to pull it open again and again, but the NCR sniper kept hold of it. Faster than the speed of light, the NCR sniper barged the door open as a surprise, knocking Vito to the floor. The sniper swiped out his knife and got ready to stab Vito. However, downed but not out, Vito tripped up the sniper with his feet. He pulled himself up, and kicked the sniper in the chin, and teeth went flying, as well as clink sounds of them hitting the ground. Vito then picked up the sniper and carried him on his shoulder as Vito strolled over to the edge of the roof. Vito let go of the sniper and let him plummet to his skyhigh death. Vito snatched the sniper's sniper rifle, the anti-materiel rifle. Vito never used one of these, but heard that rangers favour them and heard positive reports. He decided to give the gun a try.

It had a gleaming matte finish, with a blue plastic scope. Vito peered through. There was a red scale in the centre. Vito noticed he could zoom in & out. He looked through the scope. He saw the hotel entrance steps under his feet, and could see Marcianus and Ulexes pillaging through ransacked town. They left a scorching trail of bombed-out wood buildings at their six as they stampeded through the town.

"MARCIANUS!" Vito bellowed. Marcianus heard Vito from far away, and after a while saw him on top of the hotel.

"Yeah?!" replied Ulexes.

"I'll provide sniper support, where are you headed?" questioned Vito.

"We've burned down the entire town. We just need to take out that reception building over there, then we can find Quirrino & Hadrian." answered Ulexes.

"Move into there, I'll wipe out the guard troopers while you invade the inside." added Vito. Ulexes did as he was told, and with Marcianus, they marched over to the reception building and took cover behind a parked Corvega. The building was two floors high, with three windows with a sniper looking outside. Vito crouched behind a generator on the roof for cover from the snipers. He leaned his rifle over the generator. He looked through the scope, and hovered the sights over the sniper on the second floor left window. It painted a red beam of light on his helmet. Vito was about to pull the trigger, but his arms began to ache, and he struggle to stop the rifle shaking. As he pulled the trigger, the rifle fired, but it shaked downwards, and Vito missed the NCR trooper's head. He instead hit the window pane. The trooper was alarmed, and glanced at Vito. The sniper's copied. They began to fire at Vito. This distracted them from Ulexes and Marcianus. The duo sprinted into the building. Vito could not risk popping up over the generator to fire at the snipers, so he had to wait for Ulexes and Marcianus to take out the snipers for him.

Inside the building, Marcianus and Ulexes were inside the lobby.