• Trolly Polly

    Another set of news of the Wiki. There are new Wikia features and administrators.

    • Kastera1000 and Cartman! have been given administrator rights.

    • The chat feature has been released! The long awaited follow-up to the Shout Box, it can be joined by pressing Wiki Activity and it will be on your right of the screen.
    • Wikia has decided to make all to-be-created categories no longer show up as red links, but instead appear in the Special:WantedPages list.
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  • Trolly Polly

    Another set of news interesting news posts you've all been waiting for. This issue, we have developer interviews, updates, and podcasts.

    GamesTM has interviewed Feargus Urquhart about upcoming Bethesda games and a new IP

    Matt Grandstaff (Gstaff) has answered questions on the Bethesda Forums answering the above question.

    The Bethesda Podcast has been released. The tenth episode, Eat, Prey (2), Love, Matt and Nick chat about Prey 2 with Human Head co-founders Jim Sumwalt and Chris Rhinehart.

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  • Trolly Polly

    The long awaited tidbits post has arrived. There is a wide selection of quality reports of developer quotes & interviews and special offers.

    Fallout: New Vegas's digital collector's edition has a 75% off price cut at Direct2Drive in North America and Europe.

    • North America: $12.99
    • Mainland Europe: €9.99
    • England: £8.75

    Joshua Eric Sawyer and Jason Bergman have posted many interviews with magazines and websites.

    • Bethesda Forums, talking about the release date of Old World Blues .
    • Bethesda Forums, talking about an upcoming patch.

    • Bethesda Forums, talking about why the player cannot side with the White Legs .
    • Bethesda Forums, talking about why Joshua Graham, the Burned Man, an emo .
    • Bethesda Forums, talking about Obsidian Entertainment's treatment of Ene…

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  • Trolly Polly

    On the 13th of June, Bethesda Softworks was hacked by hacker group Lulz Security (Lulzsec).

    They stole details of Brink users, and details of Bethesda Forum users.

    Yesterday, the hacker group posted additional information about the hack.

    They later asked Bethesda to give out information of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and feature a LulzSec top hat in the game, or they would give out the details of the users.

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  • Trolly Polly

    The long awaited Wiki news digest is here, with two new news topics.

    The Sound Project has begun. It is committed to filling all articles with it's sounds. You can participate if you like. Be sure to read the instructions and rules and regulations.

    The reconfirmation request for Tagaziel has been completed. The outcome is that Tagaziel shall keep his administrator rights. There is now a discussion on the forum about the rules and regulations of administrators.

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