The website Kotaku has just recently posted an interview with Tim Cain, talking about Fallout. Here are some parts from the interview.

On what Fallout could've been...

You started in the modern world, you traveled back in time, you killed the monkey that would evolve into humans, you went through space travel, you went to the future, which was ruled by dinosaurs, you were exiled to a fantasy planet where magic took you back to the original timeline that you restored to full, and came back to the modern world to save your girlfriend.

Tim Cain also went to say that other possible names before they decided on Fallout were: Aftermath, Survivor, and Postnuclear Adventure.

They originally wanted the Ink Spots' "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" to be the game's theme song, but couldn't get it due to licensing reasons. Instead, they went with "Maybe," and it would up working better for the tone of the game. And, much later down the road, "I Don't Want to Set The World on Fire" became the theme of Fallout 3.

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