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The year is 2270, and some Native American tribes have been reborn into prominence and are set to take back as much land as possible, in the South Dakota region. Over time since the destruction of the Great War, the Native American tribes felt that this was what the white men deserved after being forced out of their lands and pushed onto miniscule reservations that had harsh living conditions. With this new-found sense of freedom, many tribes converged into one to take hold of the South Dakota region. When the tribe from the west, the Momáta'Tatanka (Angry Buffalo), pushed towards the east, they met conflict with the tribe from the east that was pushing west called the, Miŋ Šunktanka (Sun Horse). Unbeknownst to these two tribes is the slow invasion of Caesar's Legion from the southwest; but their invasion is being halted by continuous conflict from Native American raider tribes.

Vault History

As the state's population was increasing, it was apparent that Vault-Tec Industries was soon going to implement a few vaults in the state. As the Great War was escalating, Vault-Tec felt that they could take their investments elsewhere. After the departure of Vault-Tec from South Dakota, only two working vaults were constructed, and a third was nearly finished but abandoned. The two functioning vaults are Vault 45 and Vault 62, and the nearly finished vault was Vault 59.

Player Setting

You, as the player, are a freelance worker just looking for caps to scrap by. On a caravan journey through Keystone National Park, you are ambushed at the base of Mount Rushmore by a small faction called the Big Heads, who call the area on top of and around Mount Rushmore home. During the ambush, four pack brahmin and ten caravan guards are killed, while you are in critical condition from a gunshot wound. As the Big Heads notice you are still alive, they carry you to a small camp setup in the woods so that you can be executed by the faction leader's son that has just turned the age of 17 and has entered manhood. Your death will mark the end of the manhood ceremony, and soon he will lead the faction. As you about to be executed, a small group of Shipíte Íaxassee (Black Snake) warriors show up and the small battle is deadly. Everyone around you is dead, and you manage to cauterize the wound and slowly walk off with only your clothes, backpack, and whatever weapons were on the deceased people.



  • Momáta'Tatanka- Tribe from the west with a heavy combination of Cheyenne and Lakota Sioux natives.
  • Miŋ Šunktanka- Tribe from the east with with a heavy combination of Ponca and Dakota Sioux natives.


  • Big Heads- Faction mostly made up of various raiders with various races. The faction operates with one central leader. After the battle that freed the PC, the Big Heads noticed a group missing and went looking. They discovered the faction leader's son has been killed by the Shipíte Íaxassee and a new war is soon going to be put into action.
  • Shipíte Íaxassee- A tribe that has moved east from Wyoming to South Dakota and is mostly from the Crow tribe.
  • Tumbleweeds- This is a peaceful faction. This faction is set in the southeastern most part of South Dakota, and it is primarily a farming community. Even though this faction is peaceful, you should be warned that they will protect their community at any means necessary.
  • Caesar's Legion- Caesar himself has sent about 300 warriors into the South Dakota region to scout out the area and take count of how many tribes are in the area. The Legion has not been welcomed in the area as they are being heavily assaulted by various Native American raider gangs.
  • Dakota raiders- This is the generic name of raiders that are in the area. These raiders are responsible for Caesar's Legion slow advancement, and they are also at fault for numerous crimes in the entire region.



  • Pierre- The capital of South Dakota itself. The capital is a mecca for any type of caravan. This is the central hub for any type of trading, and allows the two major tribes to acquire their opponents' weapons and miscellaneous items through neutral caravans.
  • Sioux Falls- This is a major city that thrives on out-of-state goods. Sioux Falls acts as the crossroads from caravans from Minneapolis and Iowa.
  • Wounded Knee- Even though Wounded Knee was not a city from the beginning, many of the Dakota natives went to Wounded Knee as a place of salvation, even though in the 1890s, a major massacre happened. This new city of Wounded Knee is a meeting ground for journeymen to rest and trade. Even though it's regarded as a peaceful city, it still gets attacked by various Dakota raiders who want to claim the city as their own.