Chris Avellone answers my question...

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And he also gives a little more about Fallout: New Vegas. I know what I typed is a little nerdy.

So, around 2009 I started playing Fallout with Fallout 3. I never played the first two Fallouts, but I did spend a lot of time at The Vault and I did read about the first two. I'm sure this means a lot to work on Fallout again, and I'm sure you'll pump the game out kick ass. I just want to thank you before the game comes out, and I know that I will not focus on college or probably anybody when the game comes out. Sorry, I don't mean to sound like a supreme nerd, it's just that Fallout is so engrossing. Well anyways, good luck with the game, and the DLC we all know that will eventually come out, and also with your future endeavors.

Also I have a question. Since you're developing the game and Bethesda is publishing it, how much would Obsidian get paid from the profits from New Vegas? If that's a private matter I understand. I was always curious how that worked out.

— Me

The contract structure is private, and it always depends on the contract. We just want to make a great game, so we're focused on that, although the pre-order units were a bit of a surprise and definitely is causing pressure here.

I'll say that FNV is a little more time-consuming than the original because you can take different routes through the critical path, so get ready for 3 to 4x the amount of replayability, which is pretty cool.

— Chris

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