A feature I would want for Fallout 4 is the addition of organs and will work like limbs. For example An alpha male deathclaw is charging at me i have to kill it in one shot so i go into vats target the heart option and fire SPLAT!! He dies. Targeting the heart takes the most damage much like the head would. Here are the other organs and there effects.

Heart: Endurance -2 agility -1 -15 hp 5 seconds

Lung: (both lungs can be punctured) strength -2 perception -1

Brain: intelligence -3 Charisma -1

Kidney: agility -1

They cant be cured by stimpaks but by replacement organs that can be looted from dead humans and be bought from doctors. The higher the medicine the higher percent of a replacement 100 medicine equals 50% chance of a random one. They can also be cured by surgical tubing which heals all limbs but doesnt cure as much. Organs can be punctured easier if the body part it is located in is crippled. That was my idea hope it was good.