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  • Tocinoman

    The Divide - 5

    July 16, 2014 by Tocinoman

    Guess who's back. Back again! The Divide is back. Tell a friend.

    Ahem. Excuse that cough. Here we are again. Almost a year has passed since the last Divide issue was released. It feels great to have it up and running once again.

    The last topic of debate was the setting of Fallout 4: New York vs. The Commonwealth.

    • Coming in third, but certainly not last, place is the New York vote, with 13 votes. Wonderful job, The Ever Ruler! Thanks for stepping up for two consecutive issues of the Divide.
    • Narrowly defeating New York and coming in second place was the undecided vote, with 15 total votes. This was the vote for the users who believe the game will be set elsewhere or couldn't choose a side!
    • Taking first place by a landslide with 34 out of 62 vote…

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  • Tocinoman

    Any objections and I'll cut you out:

    We're Nukapedia,
    We have three bureaucrats,
    One is a robot,
    The others just chat,
    We also have Miss Nic,
    And Gunny's big shit stick,
    Don't judge us,
    Or we will summon Fraze, Fraze, Fraze, Fraze,
    Fraze, Fraze, Fraze, Fraze,

    Before your edit's done,
    Lord Sigma must review,
    And Kittynator is,
    Commenting from afar.

    If you like Fallout 3,
    Then Tagz will flip his shit,
    While Zerg is on rant,
    From weapons to the Pitt.

    And Toci and The HawK,
    Are reppin' TBB,
    And Chad disagrees,
    Oh, please, go write your blog.

    To prove he really cares,
    Doug feeds us to the bears,
    And Ethan,
    All Higgey says is mang, mang, mang, mang,
    Mang, mang, mang, mang.


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  • Tocinoman

    The Divide - 4

    August 7, 2012 by Tocinoman

    This past week, Nukapedia got to witness the comeback of the Divide. I'm happy to say that the third issue of the Divide was the most popular so far with well over 200 comments! Anyways, back to what you're all here for:

    • Coming in third place is, surprisingly, the pro-House option defended by Denis517 with 22 votes. However, I do know of quite a few people who say that they wish they could change their votes after a few comments. Good job, Denis!
    • Coming in second place is the undecided option with 28 votes. This is the first time in Divide history that the undecided option did not take first prize.
    • Coming in first place, with a grand total of 41 out of 91 votes, is the anti-House option defended by The Ever Ruler. Fantastic work, Ever!

    I am grat…

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  • Tocinoman

    The Divide - 3

    July 25, 2012 by Tocinoman

    Nukapedia played host to a stunning Divide last issue. The topic was Ulysses, and the voting was very surprising to me. I didn't expect these results at all! This just shows me the talent of our debaters!

    • Coming in first place is the undecided option with 31 votes. You all chose this because both of our debaters put up great arguments and you just couldn't decide!
    • Coming in second place is the pro-Ulysses option with 24 votes. You all chose this because The Old World Relics conjured up a beautiful defense for Ulysses. Well done, OWR!
    • Coming in third place is the anti-Ulysses option with 18 votes. You all chose this because Yes-Man dealt a powerful blow to Ulysses' reputation with his debate. I congratulate you for that, Yessie!

    I would like to…

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  • Tocinoman

    News about the Divide

    July 20, 2012 by Tocinoman

    Alright guys, I'm aware that it's been a few weeks since a Divide was posted, and people are starting to wonder if I'm going to do it again. The answer is yes. I would love to keep this going and I never meant for it to fall behind in the first place. The only thing that happened was I couldn't find anyone who wanted to debate. Hence this blog post.

    Right now I want you all to think about this, and leave a comment here if you would like to be a person I can turn to when I need a debater for the Divide. There can still be other guests, of course, but you'd be a "regular", if you will. So, as stated, I ask that you leave a comment if you wish to participate so we can get this awesome blog back up and running again!


    ~ Toci ~ Go ahead, make …

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