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    Toast's birthday 1

    April 29, 2017 by Toastoven15

    On April 30 PFC marks my birthday but instead of one man being cheered a happy birthday I am here to thank the people that has been talking and interacting with me making my time here worth it and not like Facebook which I just use when I need to talk to some classmates on a project and whatnot. (Would you kindly play this as you read this blog?

    Here are the people I would like to say thanks:

    -NightmareEyes420-,NEWTU and Alexi:

    The first people to greet me back into the chat and you guys are the reason I keep coming back here, you remind me of one of my greatest friend here that doesn't come back(I'm pretty sure I introduced you to him once)anymore and was willing to let me join "The Crew" which is pretty fun and hey we all share some sort of…

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