I arrived at the Washington monument.

2 of the Brotherhood of Steel decide to charge across the Bridge.

Apparently, there's a bomb under it, because they both explode!

And for no apparent reason, Fawkes starts laughing hard. I think it's a combat victory response, but it seems particularly appropriate considering the ineptitude of the Brotherhood guards!

Another fun moment of random Dialogue:

A Raider carrying a missile launcher fires at me and needs to reload, me and Dogmeat are charging at him from point-blank range. As he runs away, he screams "Wait! I'm sorry!" Maybe he should have thought about that before he started shooting......

Another shining example of Raider courage:

There's this Raider shooting at me with a submachine gun. Somehow I knock the gun out of her hands. She runs away screaming "Don't kill me!" Are all Raiders pansies when they don't have a working weapon?

An interesting moment where 2 random dialogue moments are combined:

Stealth Suit Mk II: Are we being watched?

Boone: Yeah.

No apparent trigger or explanation for this, Boone is not Teamed with my Courier and everyone's in the Lucky 38.