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    Deathclaw vs Yao Guai

    July 31, 2013 by Tilarta

    Random thought about Fallout New Vegas.

    Follows-Chalk keeps saying "Bet you've never seen anything as scary as Yao Guai".

    But Deathclaws are many times more scary then Yao Guai!

    Wonder what it would be like if a Deathclaw got into a fight with a Yao Gaui?

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  • Tilarta

    Favorite Quotes

    July 24, 2013 by Tilarta

    Dr Mobius: You cannot win, despite the fact the odds are heavily in your favor.

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  • Tilarta

    I've been working on resolving this situation the way I want, but nothing is working!

    I did all the required tasks, but no matter what happens, Papa Kahn refuses to acknowledge an Alliance with the NCR and the option to talk to Cassandra Moore about the same Alliance is not presented.

    Out of desperation, I tried ALL the alternate strategies in the hopes of achieving my goal.

    But no matter what, I can't get the Alliance to work!

    It seems my only choice at this point is to find the console commands to override the ingame quest tasks to "Force" the resolution I want.

    So far though, I haven't been able to find out what they are.

    And until this task is complete, I can't progress any further in the game!

    And when I searched on the internet, many people …

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  • Tilarta

    I arrived at the Washington monument.

    2 of the Brotherhood of Steel decide to charge across the Bridge.

    Apparently, there's a bomb under it, because they both explode!

    And for no apparent reason, Fawkes starts laughing hard. I think it's a combat victory response, but it seems particularly appropriate considering the ineptitude of the Brotherhood guards!

    Another fun moment of random Dialogue:

    A Raider carrying a missile launcher fires at me and needs to reload, me and Dogmeat are charging at him from point-blank range. As he runs away, he screams "Wait! I'm sorry!" Maybe he should have thought about that before he started shooting......

    Another shining example of Raider courage:

    There's this Raider shooting at me with a submachine gun. Somehow I …

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    I'm not sure how this occurred, but it was probably the Omerta Thug who did it.

    I checked my weapons with him and Veronica followed me inside. When she came out, her Greased Lightning Power Fist was gone!

    I had to use the console commands to give it back to her.

    Thieving ratbag, stealing my special gift to Veronica!

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