ok i am new to this wiki so apologies in advance if i mess something up here

in the midst of all the talk about fallout 4, I have been thinking a lot about the plot(as everyone is i am sure) and i came up with what i think would be an interesting story that would be a good opportunity to introduce some interesting new characters and factions while still retaining a place for the classic fallout groups(particularly the enclave in a new way). i also think this would give a cool chance to travel to another country(for DLC only though).

First though let me just say: I came up with this on the assumption that fallout 4 will take place in Boston and the surrounding region of New England. I also made this up with the new vegas style faction system in mind, as i really liked it in NV(though i know it wasnt perfect, i'm hoping it is improved and has a place in fallout 4).

ok so here we go, with a little background first:

In the opening hours of the Great War, Britain was completely devastated, with nearly every city reduced to a radioactive hell hole, experiencing destruction on par with that seen in Washington D.C. in the U.S. Most of the english countryside, if not incinerated along with the cities was turned into a radioactive wasteland of rolling fields and monsters.

In the 200 years following the great war, life went much as it did in the capital wasteland: survivors struggled to live, facing radiation and mutations if they ventured out of their coastal enclaves, most of which existed in the southwest region of the island. However, as supplies are dwindled on the island, the remaining survivors banded together, and in a massive effort repaired a few of the massive pre war ocean liners. With these ships now at their disposal, they have searched for a new home/supply source. Upon discovery that most of western europe was just as devastated as their island, they set their sights on North America.

Upon their arrival in the united states, they found that, although hard hit, the Massachusetts area of the eastern US was still largely inhabitable, especially compared to the hellscape that england had become. Seeing the Northeastern United states as a possible solution to their problems, the survivors in england began a new wave of immigration to the United States, aggressively claiming land for their people as a way to escape their devastated homeland.

Now from the US side: Though Boston was a large target, the sheer number of major targets in eastern United States helped to reduce the number of warheads targeted directly at the Boston area; as a result, the survivors who rose up in the decades following the Great War settled into a relatively peaceful existence, fighting monsters and raiders from time to time but overall getting along well. Now, however, with the arrival of the new english settlers, the people of the wasteland have become increasingly threatened by the force of these new arrivals, who have been forcibly taking any territory already inhabited by locals. With the threat of the english growing, many of the local towns have raised their own militias, but with little experience in fighting large organized groups, these militias have proved less than ideal.

Now, though, a new group has taken on the task of protecting the northeastern US: the Enclave. Following a brutal defeat at the hands of the Lone wanderer and the brotherhood of steel in the capital wasteland, the survivors of the enclave retreated out of the wasteland in an attempt to escape further pursuit by the Brotherhood and the enclave's other enemies. As this was done, the leaders of the enclave sent out a signal to the other remaining groups of enclave across the US, calling for a full retreat towards the Northeastern US, where they would establish themselves in Hanscom Air Force Base. There, it was planned that the enclave would rest, rebuild its strength, and prepare to move on in its attempts to take control of the wasteland. However, as more and more enclave units arrived, it became apparent that Enclave groups were being defeated across the country, constantly having to retreat to a new area. As this revelation became apparent, doubts over the value and validity of the Enclave's classic mission swelled and an internal power struggle developed between those who believed that the enclave was the only group that should survive and those who believed that the enclave should abandon this idea and devote itself to actually protecting the people of the United States in a more direct way. In the end, those who favored change won the power struggle, and the enclave has begun a radical change in its normal form of operations, trying to focus on actually helping the average people of the US rather than ruling over them. This change, however, has proven difficult, as the image of the tyrannical enclave has spread among the people of the wasteland, and many members of the enclave itself have struggled with the change.

Now, the enclave has seized on the conflict between the english settlers and local inhabitants as an opportunity to create a new image of the enclave in the minds of wastelanders, one that has the enclave as saviors rather than boogeymen.

Ok so that is my basic idea for a fallout 4 plot. i think this would be a great way to bring the enclave back without simply rehashing them as the simple bad guys of fallout games. this could also give the player the opportunity to finally join the enclave, though i suppose it is not the same enclave as in previous games, at least in its ideals. i loved being given different options as to how to end the game and influence the wasteland in new vegas, and i think that could work well here

anyway i'd like to hear people's input on it