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  • Thenewdoctor2142

    --Thenewdoctor2142 21:22, April 18, 2012 (UTC)

    Hey Hey Wastelanders. The Wayside Creations crew has opened up a kickstarter for the funding of Nuka Break Season 2. They are trying to raise $60,000 This time around and within a day or so are already up to over $1000. The fundraising ends in 59 days so, if you can contribute to help fund this great series.

    Click the link below to go to their project page.

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  • Thenewdoctor2142

    The Fallout fan made series "Fallout: Nuka Break" now has a teaser trailer up on Wayside Creation's Youtube Channel.

    Here's the Link for the Channel:

    Merely navigate yourself to the Fallout: Nuka Break link to watch the teaser trailer for the upcoming series some of us helped to start by donating money earlier in the year.

    Let's all wait and try to have the perfect "Nuka Break" in preperation for this new exciting series!

    Thenewdoctor2142 14:58, August 26, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Thenewdoctor2142

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  • Thenewdoctor2142

    Don't get me wrong i love the game, its great even graphics wise all you haters so sit down before i have to hear an annoying comment about graphics.

    Here is what i think you should have been able to do in FO3 to make the wasteland a better place, or just things you should have been able to do.

    • make a deal with the pit, point lookout, and the brotherhood. the pit will provide ammo and weaponry for the brotherhood and point lookout in return for point lookout and the brotherhood helping the pit solve the trog disease.
    • reunite the brotherhood outcasts and brotherhood of steel, i mean come on you're the lone wanderer...if anyone can do the deed it'd be you
    • land motherhip zeta and use the tech for the brotherhood
    • start a school for wasteland kids
    • re…

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