Hey guys, I'm bored, and there's nothing going on with Fallout at the moment. Might as well make up my fantasy Fallout 4 game. I know it's long, and I don't expect anyone to finish it. Like I said, I'm bored. Feel free to offer suggestions.

Fallout 4 takes place in the area surrounding Cape Canaveral, Florida. The main faction in the game is, of course, "Canaveral". Canaveral is isolated from the rest of Florida, as it was home to two on-site Vaults (Vault 50 and 51) that housed the greatest scientific minds in America's pre-War days. For hundreds of years, the descendants of Canaveral's initial vault dwellers had access to top educations, and their vaults continued to function as thriving underground scientific communities. On the day the vaults opened, they were already at Canaveral. They have since been focusing all of their efforts on restoring Canaveral to her glory days, when manned space missions were just becoming a practical reality.

Cape Canaveral was a top-priority target of the Chinese. Despite this, the infrastructure of Cape Canaveral is surprisingly intact, thanks to the best defense systems the US Government had to offer (second only to Mr. House w/ platinum chip). This protected most of Florida from the blasts themselves, but the area still suffered from extreme radiation.

Due to their near-exclusive access to self-upgraded power armor, laser, and plasma weapons, the vault dwellers quickly eradicated the squatting population of Cape Canaveral when the doors opened. They established a perimeter which ensured that their restoration work would remain uninhibited. For the better part of fifty years, no one has set foot on the premises of Cape Canaveral, and only a few Canaveral patrols have been spotted in the Florida Wasteland. Canaveral turned Vault 50 into a food and water production facility with their experience in genetically modified crops and water filtration technology. All of their basic needs are handled with no need to venture beyond Canaveral's defenses.

Using solar technology (enhanced from that found at Helios 1), they have gotten most of the pre-War systems up and running. Air conditioning, lights, and mobile uplinks to several orbital assets have been established. Their access to communications satellites has allowed for conversation with all factions around the world, including NCR, BoS, Legion, Lyons' BoS, The Pitt, Ronto, The Institute, scattered Enclave Remnants, and even pockets of civilizations in Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia.

This has drawn the attention of "The Confederacy", a massive faction based out of Virginia. It's leader is a dangerous tribal who undertook the name Jefferson Davis after his tribe plundered a museum in Richmond, Virginia. He also found references to the Confederate States of America, although he is oblivious to its historical relevance. The Confederate flag is their symbol, although all inferences of slavery are lost on them; it is merely a picture to them. Over the years, The Confederacy fought for control over a large area along the Eastern Coastline, from Virginia to Georgia. After intercepting communiqués between The Institute and Canaveral, Davis becomes jealous of Canaveral's power and decides that he wants the secrets these two powers possess. As his army has been marching south conquering new lands, he chooses Canaveral to attack.

Canaveral is well aware of The Confederacy's intentions after communicating with smaller groups in Florida that subsequently were over-run. They fortified their walls, and mined the few paths leading to the barrier island that Cape Canaveral resides on. Believing that superior number could defeat Canaveral's automated defense perimeter and cadre of power-armored scientists, Jefferson Davis sends a small advance party of 25,000 men to take over Canaveral's position, which has barely over 1,000 men. They failed to kill a single man in Canaveral, as they failed to break Canaveral's automated defenses and landmines.

The Confederacy is poised to make a second attack, this time sending the entirety of its armies against Canaveral. The leadership at Canaveral knows that technology can only help them so much, they could not withstand a persistent attack from hundreds of thousands of Confederates. The main plot revolves around Canaveral gaining the resources to do something that hasn't been done in hundreds of years: send a man into space. Ballistic Orbital Missile Base 002, the sister platform to the one in Van Buren, has damaged communications equipment, and cannot be uplinked to Canaveral. By sending a repair team into space to board and repair BOMB-002, Canaveral believes that it can defend itself, and ultimately, humanities' best hope for technological enhancement.

Canaveral and The Confederacy are not meant to be black and white good guy/bad guys. My idea for the Confederacy is based on Genghis Khan, who conquered a huge landmass through brutal means. However, once he conquered a region, he allowed them to live as they had, only paying tribute to him. At its heyday, the Mongolian Empire created what might have been the first true "World Peace", as it is often referred to as Pax Mongolia. Canaveral, on the other hand, selfishly promotes only itself. They surely committed atrocities when exterminating the populace of Cape Canaveral when they first exited the Vaults, but they have henceforth been invisible to the wastes. While acting in self defense, they are hardly heroic. They fail to show an ounce of care for the people struggling around them, and whether or not they intend to help the world with their technology remains to be seen. Also, their control over BOMB-002 could have devastating consequences for the world. Would they bomb Shady Sands after their President insulted Canaveral leadership? Or just eliminate the BoS and the Institute for eyeing their tech? With BOMB-002 active, they could eliminate anyone in Fallout canon without a second thought.

If you actually finished reading that, I'm impressed. I tried to make it an East Coast story that relies on entirely new factions, but stays true to the Fallout Universe, with only hints of previous games.