• Themasterkavar

    Hey guys, I'm bored, and there's nothing going on with Fallout at the moment. Might as well make up my fantasy Fallout 4 game. I know it's long, and I don't expect anyone to finish it. Like I said, I'm bored. Feel free to offer suggestions.

    Fallout 4 takes place in the area surrounding Cape Canaveral, Florida. The main faction in the game is, of course, "Canaveral". Canaveral is isolated from the rest of Florida, as it was home to two on-site Vaults (Vault 50 and 51) that housed the greatest scientific minds in America's pre-War days. For hundreds of years, the descendants of Canaveral's initial vault dwellers had access to top educations, and their vaults continued to function as thriving underground scientific communities. On the …

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