Sup wastelanders, this is Thecourier asking you what your idea for a fallout game would be??? but this time theres NO limits, anywhere, anywhen, anyhow, NCR, The Brotherhood, The Enclave, Fuck YOU, I'm gonna make my own faction, I've just been shot in the head, oh no i haven't this is my fallout game. From, America to England to Australia, maybe even on a diffrent planet. heres some ideas i got from my friends at school

the game could even be set before the war maybe even 1000s of years after when the world is finally re-civillized maybe even go back to the fallout 1 and 2 theme and be a family member like the Lone Wanderers child, please this is my favourite idea yet and i want at least 200 people to post on my blog, tell your friends to put blog posts on evn put my blog post on your blog post and tell them to come to my'n, thanks guys and girls and don't forget... War Never Changes