sup wastelanders, i've seen loads of people writing in my YOURs and this by far is my favourite one YET, your fallout GAME, this means that there are no limits, your factions, your locations, your dlcs, your specaial encounters, your character, your storyline, something that can get someone emotionally attached to the game, you could even make the protaganist a child of another games protaganist. this is the one i really want to go big, i would love at least 400 comments, i really want to get noticed, so please tell everyone you know about this post, and even tell people about it on your blogs. and guys heres some ideas. you are an a soldier for a new army and your army thinks they have cleansed all wastelands, but theres still one more. your the child of the Lone Wanderer or Courier.

so thanks for posting and i hope you enjoy doing these this is the courier signing off