Unhappy unhappy very very very unhappy— Choir boys

Detailed walkthrough

after the choir boys trust they will say they're bored and wants some toys this is where you will get the toys

David - Sells 5 Toy car 2 Dino toy and 1 Pre-war Casualwear

Hailey Briggs - has a 10% chance she will give you either a Dino toy or Toy car after completion of Happy hearts day

Jake Blake - Sells a chessboard

After that give the toys to the 5 choir boys

Johnson - 1 Toy car or 1 Dino toy

Houston - 1 Rocket souvenir or Reading glasses

Stacey - Pre-war Casual wear or a Fancy gambler suit

Quest stages

10Quest finishedIcon checkSatisfy the choir boys

Behind the scenes