Unhappy unhappy very very very unhappy

— Choir boys

Detailed walkthrough

after the choir boys trust they will say they're bored and wants some toys this is where you will get the toys

David - Sells 5 Toy car 2 Dino toy and 1 Pre-war Casualwear

Hailey Briggs - has a 10% chance she will give you either a Dino toy or Toy car after completion of Happy hearts day

Jake Blake - Sells a chessboard

After that give the toys to the 5 choir boys

Johnson - 1 Toy car or 1 Dino toy

Houston - 1 Rocket souvenir or Reading glasses

Stacey - Pre-war Casual wear or a Fancy gambler suit

Quest stages

10Quest finishedIcon checkSatisfy the choir boys

Behind the scenes