The scavengers are one of the reason why we're still alive here— David

The scavengers are a group of kids and as the name says scavenge for the survival of both Jake Blake,David and the Choir boys


Like the choir boys the Scavengers were on a expedition with Jake Blake and David,The expedition went horribly wrong when the main gates were sealed off and the other exit is full of hostile inhabitants they helped the survival of the choir boys that were injured and they bring food no matter the cost


The scavengers go out at 8:00 am after their breakfast and comeback at 7:00 pm to be safe,after that they eat it for dinner most of the times they're satisfied

Their leader is Hailey Briggs the oldest of the group and the most skilled too the scavengers are a mix group of boys and girls that are brave enough to venture through the remains of musical valley eventually if they grow up the scavengers will atleast survive

Relations with the outside

The only time the scavengers saw the Mojave was when they were in the expedition with Jake Blake and David they know about the Enclave and knows how to use a weapon but the inhabitants of Musical valley is far too dangerous for them.

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