Be careful out here,what ends up in the water and drowns gets eaten and i get what's left.


The Fat man was simply a waste lander with a Very nice suit and hat until Immortal John and the Empire of 28 invaded Waterland and him telling where to attack and won Waterland as the mayor,due to the agreement he now sends water for trade to Immortal John to prove loyalty


Unlike the bullethound and Immortal John he is quite stable than the 2 other than the fact that he eats people he is more peaceful and his threats aren't very disturbing than the others


Bullethound-He is somewhat the adopted brother and has a bad relationship with him but despite the arguments the two has they are very peaceful when it comes to trade Immortal John-After the invasion of the original Waterland they had a agreement that when he becomes mayor of Waterland the fat man will give water to the Citadel exchange for his own life

Behind the scenes

Like the bullethound and Immortal John he is based on the People's eater in Mad max:Fury road