The Citadel has been the base for mysterious raiders and slavers.

The Citadel has been the base and headquarters of many raiders and slavers


Since the Great War the citadel was first named "Our First National Bank" a large trade center which was affected only a little from the Great war but was still functional enough to be a shelter,in 2277 Immortal John and his group what was called in the past "The Wasteland Fuckers" later change to "Empire of 28" raided The Citadel and made it home,not long after a group of raiders hosted a raid at the old trade center but failed and then the group stole all of their ammunition and guns and raided a nearby camp which then began a cycle on "Raid Loot Kill Repeat"

The Citadel was finally won winning alliance with 2 important people for the development of The Citadel namely Bullethound and The Fatman,The citadel is now a town for Slavers and Raiders and the occasionally trader who is brave enough to visit them and survive.


The Citadel's 1st level consists of beds and Bedroll's with multiple raiders,slaves and slavers with guard dogs and on the 2nd level some 28 workers can been seen lining up at a garage door waiting to fight a Gladiator,there are 2 elevators and besides it are some stairs that is used in-case something goes wrong, the elevators goes directly just below Immortal John's office and above the breeding ground


The outside of The Citadel has 2 checkpoints one for personals of the 28 and one for trade drivers for inspection,outside are 28 soldiers with Chinese assault rifle's and a couple of bedrolls and barrels on fire are scattered inside the compound with 20 purified water laying on the ground