Saw you out in the desert just being panned out like a fish in a frying pan with extra oil— Harrington

Detailed walkthrough

After creating your character you will be invited out by Harrington and give you equipment and 6 stimpaks and say to meet you outside,He will tell you to try and blowing up the pillars made out of Sunset Sarsaparilla crate and give you 12 sticks of dynamite,after blowing up the pillar of crates he will ask you if you can put some pants on and will give you a Merc adventurer outfit and a Trooper helmet he used when he was in a caravan job,after that he will give you a Patriot's Cookbook a Duct tape a detonator and C4 and gives you a recipe for Sticky bombs,He tells you a Supermutant patrol often passes the town but only one of them causes trouble and tells you to plant the bomb in the blue destroyed car and wait behind one,A supermutant named Argo will then argue with another the other supermutant will leave him alone but Argo stays and coincidentally ties his shoelace(The PC's timing depending on luck the larger their luck the longer Argo will take)detonate the bomb killing him in one shot,Harrington will be impress and let you loot him Argo will always have a Bumper sword 1 shotgun and 12 12 gauge shotgun shells and tells you to venture off

Quest stages

10 Talk to your savior and ask him for help.
20 Blow up the pillar of crates he made just for you,you're welcome
30Quest finishedIcon checkBe the bomb and blow up Argo after that put on some sunglasses and take a good view