Ahh old circle city,where a ghoul can be a ghoul and a asshole to be murdered— Joey

Old circle city is one of the Pre-war cities that were mostly spared by the bombs that fell from the sky and ended tomorrow due to how many bombs that actually landed near The Big Brothers


Due to the little amount of bombs hitting North and South Dakota,It was more safer in both 2 states forming what people call "The Big Brothers" though the city and the 2 states itself is very far it's worth it,Forming a trade relationship with the NCR a old mall was used for Old circle city due to how the designs are 5 circles 1 in the middle and 4 for the corners


Multiple markets can be found inside and out of Old circle city both ghouls,robots and humans sell/steal/buy/smuggle items from The Republic To here and Vice Versa,Police of it's own patrol the streets armed with .44 magnum revolver,Bulletproof vests and hard-hard like helmet covering their face,the fact that this guards protect Old big city illegal sellers are most likely found outside


  • The Jackfish Casino
  • Ray's stuff and useless artifacts
  • The Gunny's Ammo guns and military stuff

Behind the scenes

  • The Gunny's Ammo shop guns and military stuff is based on the user User:The Gunny