Brothers,may your bodies we afraid of pain nor disease for all of this are mere obstacles for the body in reality we will live!


Immortal John despite his name is a 42 year old man "that Death hasn't knocked on his door yet" is the leader of The Wasteland Fuckers or The Empire of 28,no longer able to breath air due to his lungs breaking due to radiation he was forced to wear a custom made Rebreather from a Followers doctor they managed to enslave when taking over the areas around the Citadel.

Immortal John found 2 faithful leaders a slaver named "Bullet hound" and another called "The Fat man" a leader of a group that they murdered and gave them the leading towns of "Junkville" and "Water land"


Immortal John is very unstable and will kill anyone who gets in his way allies and enemies alike,he is also very rude to the lower ranks of the Empire except to the 28 children and breeders alike


  • He is the founder and leader of the Empire of 28 and friends with bullet hound and Fatman making him "The big cheese"

Behind the scenes

The name is based on the main Antagonist of Mad Max:Fury road Immortan Joe resembling his looks having a custom made breather and a aging man