If we only had a backup plan then we should've escaped by now— Jake Blake

Detailed walkthrough

After doing the main quests Jake Blake and David will tell you that they are ready to leave you can tell them to for you to prepare(note you can still visit the school but instead of the choir boys and scavengers it will be filled with Radscorpions) Take all your items in the player room(2nd floor the room at the end of the hall after taking a right,If you have too much items don't worry you still have time to prepare if Hailey Briggs and Harold Branley likes you after doing their personal quest they will help you carry 100 more pounds)

Clearing the pathway

After talking to Jake Blake or David you will need to clear the path they will give you a Riot shotgun and ammo for it,Clear out all Ghouls and Radscorpions till you eventually reach The gatethe gate will be covered in ruins but infront of the gate will appears to be a Sherman tankand it looks in mid condition after firing the Sherman tank the ruffle will be blown away and also the gate,After all that fast-travel back to the school and tell Jake Blake and David about it wait for 1 hour and the expedition will continue(If you didn't clear some of dangers ahead the Scavengers carry Caravan Shotguns)until you reach the gate you will be open and you will be transported to the Mojave You will be then given a new radio system saying 'Thank you'


  • The scavengers cannot be killed and will not be killed due the fact that they are children
  • Jake Blake/Dave will give you 1600 rounds of Shotgun shells

Quest stages

10 Tell Jake Blake or David that you are ready to leave
20 Clear the way to the Hidden Valley main gate
30 Use the tank to blow the gate and rubble
31Quest finishedIcon checkTell Jake Blake or David that the gate is open