Me and Jake found something that's hard to break open Jake thinks its tons of caps gold inside— David

Detailed walkthrough

The quest starts by asking Dave or Jake Blake whether or not they know anything about the secrets of the hidden bunker or the dead bodies with heavy weapons and the skeleton carrying a mysterious holodisk which can be found under a crate with a skeleton on top of the crate speaking to either one of them they will say no but act suspicious the quest objective will then say to talk to the Choir boys or the scavengers that were allowed to sent out

Speaking to the choir boys

If you want to talk to the choir boys ask the head named Harold Branley he is the only one wearing a graduation toga and cap,Asking him will tell you that he heard heavy gun fire one night and decided to ignore it when the morning came he told Jake Blake and he told him it was just his imagination further investigation reveals that it was real and both Jake and Dave were lying

Speaking to the Scavengers

If you want to talk to the scavengers they can be seen scavenging items all over musical valley but only the parts that there are no hostile inhabitants they can be seen leaving the school in 8:00 am and coming back 7:00 pm,Ask the leader named Hailey Briggs she will say they found some armor called Enclave power armor asking her if she knows anything about either the password or heavy gun fire she will say no to either of them

Unlocking the armory

Showing the evidence to Jake Blake or Dave(Either one will work and they will be found on the same place and in the same time)will make them say they knew the bunker the whole time and take the holodisk and upload the password on your pip-boy after that you will go to the Enclave armory bunker and after that you can loot anything you can with no loss of karma

Quest stages

10 Speak to either Jake Blake or David about the Mysterious bodies outside of the school.
20 (Optional) Talk to Harold Branley about the mystery.
25 (Optional) Talk to Hailey Briggs about the mystery.
25 Make both Jake Blake and Dave confess.
30Quest finishedIcon checkLoot the armory

Behind the scenes

The meaning of Gold digger is for a woman to marry someone only because of the mans wealth in this situation the armory