The scene shows Old circle city and people in the market and then going far away showing gangsters and drug dealers working a plan to what appears to be how to take over Old circle city and then moves to a man in a horse a man/woman on a horserunning through the snow and land while being chase by 3 other men and then the horse drops dead and the man/woman riding on it falls to the ground unconscious and the men who shot him/her down steals what looks like plans and then shifts into pictures


Since the 1st sin humanity began to dissolve into something new,When the world ran out of precious fuel the remaining piece of humanity left broke like a piece of stick,Because of the Great War the strong,the merciful or the poorest was left to remain alone and thrive to survive,some hid in vaults where most of them suffered the worse fate than nuclear destruction some found alternatives but the world can change,You are the savior,You will decide how the world will be organize or how it will be destroyed Cause war war never changes