50 Vault-Tec C.E.O.The following is based on unverified behind the scenes information and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
What happens if you grab a couple of terminators and soldiers and raid a city that belongs to your enemies while you're bored? Sack it of course.— General Arthur


Bored General Arthur of CWM's main forces and though of expansion, Asking for Cold's permission(and that idiot forgetting it was Enclave territory) they left to visit Chicago only to be remembered that it was Enclave territory and most soldiers died trying to find where to stay and hide from the Enclave.


Multiple civilians found this black armored Kevlar wearing soldiers and some turned them into the Enclave only to for the POW's to be hanged or in front of the firing range in the City square, those fortunate enough to find people against President Eden's ideology has helped them form the Enclave union to which everyone is accepted no matter how much radiation they got in their veins.

General Arthur was one of the lucky ones and contacted CWM's main base in the Mojave Wasteland and asked for more troops almost giving cold a heart attack from how many troops he needed, only 1/5 of the troops Arthur asked was sent and some were even confused where to go and the cycle continued, General Arthur once again contacted CWM main base through a broken ice cream truck that was still working but the ice cream man was already a skeleton and asked if Cold's most trusted general next to him Skynet would joined his cause and Skynet sent T-800 Terminators(Gen 3 synths for some of them) disguising themselves some wearing Enclave X-01 power armor and some Enclave citizen jumpsuits they quickly regrouped in Enclave union members houses and remaining standing Pre-war buildings they initiated their plan.

Defaced enclave prop 1

Defaced picture propaganda from the union Enclave asking the Enclave how much will they suffer with one soldier's head blown off, one shot and bleeding and one lost his legs and bleeds

On February 22 2288 a flare shot up in the sky, Enclave police guards wondered what would a flare while dusk meant but it meant the rebellion was about to start and the union needs to prepare, before the 2nd flare would hit the sky multiple Enclave rookies being trained in camps and executed by their high ranking officers joined the union before being sent to the camp and civilians were wearing Combat armor some only wore it's chest piece. Before it was 11:30 AM a second flare gun shot in the sky confusing the guards again but it meant the revolution was now beginning.

Defaced enclave prop 2

Defaced propaganda picture that says that the Enclave really hates you instead of needing you

The Enclave rookies that were gonna be executed got help from their union friends even if they weren't part of the union yet, they executed their commanding officers by stomping on their face and due to the heaviness of their Power armor the commanding officers didn't stand a chance. The civilians we're rioting in the streets and howitzer's that were dropped by CWM bombers recreated from the Boomers Boeing B-52 super fortress instead of using the usual B-29's and were quickly used by civilians to destroy Enclave barriers along with their Unnamed armored vehicle's and blowing it to bits.

Outside the city CWM's main forces finally arrived but the number of bagpipers willing to go to Chicago was too short Cold was forced to hack the cities main radio station and played a propagandist song never heard before till now.

Defaced enclave prop 4

Defaced picture of Enclave propaganda with a Female Officer with a enslave collar with the words "Enslaved! Captured!" This is what the Enclave will do to your us!

The fighting only took a day and all of the remaining Enclave members regrouped to the cities central fighting CWM soldiers,terminators and union civilians while killing off neutral or loyal union civilians and protecting the loyal ones to the Enclave's main ideology until General Nate called in Veritibird squad but it only took a handful of Vertibirds due to the remaining amount of squad members even though some Vertibirds were shot out of the sky by Scouting airships built by CWM or shot down just to make sure no one escapes the city, 3:30 PM the union and CWM along with their many allies won and split the sections and recreated in their own images along with Religion mostly Christianity but before they won Cold hacked in the cities radio again saying "Do not gloat when your enemy falls:when they stumble, do not let your hearts rejoice" and Cold immediately sent remaining Christian priests and ordered at least 5 churches to be rebuilt and shared Christianity as a religion and a main reminder to love everyone even the ghouls and supermutants.

Defaced enclave prop 3

The Enclave propaganda with Children and the Enclave soldier playing has defaced by the Union members and the man in front of the Propaganda is holding a gun with the words "They lied! Our sons and daughters has died! Mimicking the poster They lie you die of the NCR

General Arthur was then promoted again but the rank stayed with him due to neglecting it and was given the Golden gear medal along with the hearts of our young for winning Chicago as a Settlement for tribals to thrive along with CWM citizens and for recruiting the enemies of CWM and turning their ideology.

Behind the scenes

  • When Cold was writing all of this he was thinking a voice from the game Company of heroes was reading this up until now
  • The blog was though to be written during 2/24/16 in reality 30 years ago the date of the EDSA revolution in the Philippines
  • Ironically the EDSA revolution or the people power revolution was a peace revolution to overthrow President Marcos the Philippines dictator while the Enclave people power's revolution was violent
  • Cold feels very uncomfortable pressing the publish button but what the heck, something bad might happen though.