Poor kids never got their drink before leaving to this place— Jake Blake

Detailed quest

First talk to Jake Blake he can always be found on the Production stage of the school teaching the kids some songs(Dave's own words)

Nutrition Problem

After talking to Jake he will need you to find the Leftover Milk in the Mini Fridges,7 can be found on the 2nd floor to the left after taking the Northern stairs another 7 on the right of the 2nd room on the Northern side stairs 6 on the 3rd room on the Southern stairs and 5 more across the room of the 3rd room on the Southern stairs

Quest Stages

5 Talk to Jake Blake.
10Quest finishedIcon checkGive the Leftover milk to Jake Blake for Choir boys.

Behind the scenes

  • Dont cry over spilled milk means to cry something about something that cannot be undone the quest itself shows the complete opposite of the idiom cause the Courier gives the Choir boys something that can be undone