So yeah even though i didn't finish my 1st one I'm gonna do this so guess what fu-kers you're gonna see random pictures of my time in New Vegas and you're gonna get bored but hey that's part of the show (Alright I've got their money lets scram) 0pxembed/eqQjrSWB84c1


Do i know you You look familiar it's on the tip of my tongue Yeah go on Yeah this place is mine,I've owned it before you even came in here......I wonder if he's gonna get killed either by NCR or the ghouls....Possibly the radiation Uh oh Jeez i wonder who's in trouble now Legion&Enclave Ambush Enclave and Legion joint raid in Goodsprings Ambush Aftermath Well that don't look good....For the Legion and Enclave of course Jack hunter Jr you look familiar