Ahh them? Yeah Jake though them how to sing read some pre-war books and they sing like heaven on earth— Dave

The Choir boys is a group full of boys that were taught by Jake Blake to sing songs but they don't always sing choir music


They were brought by Jake Blake and Dave when traveling they were trying to scavenge and then some of them got sick the others that didn't got sick didn't know what to do and tried scavenging luckily for them they found the clinic of the school and the books that taught them how to sing after a while they liked The school and made it as home sweet home unaware of the dangerous of the outside until when some of the Choir members decided they want to leave and their skeletons were found on a rock killed by a Radscorpion after that no one left Musical valley for safe keeping


Thee choir boys uses school of rock and roll as their base shelter and school the songs they sing in was read in the school old library and sings it on the radio live with no mistakes and voices that as if they were angels.

Founded by Jake Blake and his assistant Dave while on a expedition they got

Relations with the outside

People have heard of them and hear them sing but no one has ever seen them in the school itself until the courier visits them,They haven't seen the Mojave for 5 years due to the dangers and blockage of the entrance and exit of the school and the valley.

After a while Jake taught them how to sing using the schools library and Sheet music and audio systems they found a way to connect themselves to the radio using Music Valleys old radio broadcasting station