If you wanna see some real shit then do me a favor and shoot that bastard in the balls— Security officer before breaking in

Detailed walkthrough

Before doing this quest you must walk or take a transportation vehicle to Old Circle City,after that you will see multiple wanted posters around the whole market place inside and out,the game will say what side you can join and to go against here is how it goes

Joining the police squad

1st you must walk to the police station of Old circle city(Which is one of the run downed office of the ball)go up a elevator and talk to Chief security Howard and you may do the following

With a Strength of 5 you can convince him that you're very strong and can take them out with one punch

With a Intelligence of 6 you can convince him that without him they'll be killed by the drug dealers

With a Science of 6 you can convince him that the drugs of the drug dealers can be highly explosive and possibly a trap is set up for them

Or a Speech of 60 you can convince him that you're a great leader and will give you permission to have a gun inside the city If you don't have any of this you can join the Police force by wearing a dead police officer's uniform one can be located outside of the elevator and go left before you go out to the market place

After dealing with the chief security he will mark your pip-boy the Red dragon Chinese food a Pre-war restaurant inside the city before the bombs fell,continue going there and talk to Sgt Bob Harvey and will give you a Shotgun and they will breach the hideout,kill all of the dealers and Mr Johnson after that go back to the Police headquarters and talk to the head chief and then the quest will be completed

For police squad side

10 Convince the head chief of security to make you one of them
11 Go to the Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant and breach
12 Kill all Drug dealers
13 Report back to the head chief

Rewards 50 Old Circle city fame 500 caps Police uniform and Hunting shotgun 50 Old circle city Police fame 100 Drug empire infamy

For the drug dealers

Go to the Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant and enter the building(If you side with the police squad the door will be lock)a drug dealer will ask you why your there and you can convince him with the following

With a Strength of 7 you can convince him that you can carry all of the rice bags filled with drugs

With a Intelligence of 5 you can tell him that the police already knows this place will be the hideout due to how sloopy the drug mules are

With a Science of 6 you can convince him that you can make better and stronger drugs

With a Speech of 35 you can blackmail him of telling the police squad

If you don't have any of this you can go outside and wait for a mule and kill him/her and take their clothes take also the drugs and caps if you can and you will allowed to enter wait for a hour and then Mr Johnson will appear giving a speech and then he points at you for being there even if you're in disguise after that the police squad breaches in and the drug dealer who was in the door will die infront of you,take his Varmint rifle and bullets(If you lose bullets you can always run to a dead police or a drug dealer and steal his/hers guns and ammo)If you took the disguise the mules will always have Steady on them so VATS will not be a problem,Kill every police members and the quest will be completed and Mr Johnson will thank you

Rewards 500 Police infamy 100 Drug dealer fame 100 Old Circle city infamy 500 caps Mule disguise and Varmint rifle

For drug dealers side

10 Get in the Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant
11 Survive the wave of police squads
12 Kill every last of them
13 Get your reward


  • You can only side with one faction choose one and that's it
  • The dead Police officer will not spawn if you did not side with the police squad
  • Mr Johnson will be essential if sided with the Drug dealers
  • The Police squads will take over the Restaurant and then people will inhabit it and sell food and alcohol there

Behind the scenes

The quest is a reference to the 2013 Saxxy award winnter