For a short period of time, people would tell everyone that horses that can talk with wings existed and flew right out of the sky, for a short period of time that is.Fallout: New Vegas loading screen.

The CWM-Pony war was a battle that lasted for more than 4 months involving with heavy causalities but temporary truce with the remaining New California republic's army and the Enclave(though the Enclave did not wish to be "Friends" with the NCR no matter how much Diplomat Crocker persuade them) that would lead to the first steps of the April Fools Event ever(from cold)


After the Mechanist civil war, CWM has heard reports that in the 188 trading post there are some "Ponies" in there and sent the Terminators patrolling that spot to investigate the area, after some time they didn't return a message and a CWM sniper went there personally to see what was going on and used American stealth armor and a silenced M14 sniper rifle to see what was going on.

Zooming in her scope she saw multiple people murdered along with their terminators and sent back word from Mojave main base on what happened and they declared war on them.


not long after CWM soldiers wearing black Kevlar vests some helmets and some wearing hats shrugged this off as a joke war but when they got there most of their numbers were reduced and thankfully a T-800 sent back word again for reinforcements and what was happening and Vertibirds were sent but were quickly destroyed by "Enclave" forces and back at command Cold had a idea and shared it with his generals.

During the battle they would keep distracting the ponies and eventually find their base near Jacobstown but in their controlled territories like New Reno,The Commonwealth and the Mojave, they would go find spies of the Enclave and instructed a new law of instead of killing them if comprised, they would comprised to send word back to Falls Edge in Rhode islands, one of the states CWM does not own nor control and released the spies telling but ordered them to go to Falls edge and tell there's a faction that is trying to steal their names as well.

Meanwhile CWM has ordered the now weakened New California Republic that was a independent Democratic country now under the rule of CWM, with no choice they picked up the remaining soldiers they have left and went to the Mojave again, given back the NCR Embassy and the Mojave Outpost as a base for it Camp Mccaran was used as a embassy for CWM.

The war has now been 2 months with heavy casualities on both sides and Jacobstown agreed to repel the Bronies or to the Super mutant's and Nightkin's "Horse-brained people" and smashed them, it is unknown if the Enclave really took part of the battle or if they even responded but that will be left in the future.

By this time artillery would've come but with the NCR's position downhill along with several CWM units and possibly Enclave soldiers as well, but the plan would still be made and the howitzers would still be used, going to a "top secret bunker" to the Enclave it would just be a hatch in a hole to CWM and the NCR Would've been oblivious to this leaving the Enclave's secret still safe and then they bombed the bunker near Silver Peak Mine trapping the Cazadores inside,killing the Bighorner's outside but trapping the Bronies in the bunker as well but that wasn't the only exit.

Unknown to the three allies, the three Brony army were using the Followers safehouse as a exit and slaughtered the inhabitants inside, the Enclave pegasi had no hope for a battle in the skies for the two parties, the Enclave and CWM has patrolled the skies around the Highway 95 in Jabobstown, so in a last attempt of escape, they attacked the Vertibirds in the sky but were quickly dispatched from the Vertibirds pilot fueled by rage and anger

Results and consequences

In the last month of the Brony, their leaders have said goodbye to the troops and did a suicide campaign, even though they could escape through the backdoor the NCR has now guarded the Followers safehouse 24/7 if anyone escape, so first they released the first wave killing most of the NCR troopers but NCR Veteran rangers were behind and so they were able to take out the ponies coming out of the door way and then the NCR numbers were decreasing by the minute and called for reinforcements. Seeing how the CWM were tricked they called in their temporary Enclave allies and howitzers to re-locate to the Followers safehouse and attack there.

Almost we're they too late for the bronies have already slaughtered most of the NCR trooper's and injured One NCR Veteran ranger but most of their numbers were slaughtered as well from Howitzer shells raining down the followers safehouse this time though, it destroyed it's roof and Vertibirds were able to gun down the bronies and ponies that were going to be dispatched outside forcing them to retreat back inside.

With all of this CWM,The Enclave and the NCR rallied their troops inside the Followers safehouse and into a secret entrance by putting the bed up in the air all three of them and then a secret door would open in the floor and all of the armies infantry charged inside without hesitation killing the head commanders of the ponies and bronies.

With all of this happening the Enclave were given their fair share if they participated but as soon as they were gone, Vertibirds from CWM hunted them down until they were notice and retreated back to the Mojave while the NCR after being given theirs were kicked out at the Mojave again.