You better keep your mouth shut cause scrap and caps aren't the only thing that rots in Junkville


Bullethound was the name given by Immortal John when made ruler of Junkville but his previous name was unknown,when the empire of 28 ransacked Junkville to expand their empire he was spared and John saw something in him and made him the ruler and anyone who opposed will meet him outside of Junkville,does who did were said to "Given another life" and was made ruler of Junktown and now he supplies Immortal John with supplies,slaves,guns,ammo and other items they can find


Immortal John-He sees Immortal John as some what a father to him and has good touch with him with trade routes The Fat man- He sees the Fat man like a politician,he dislikes him but the only thing that they have in common are they were adopted by Immortal John and the Fat man controls Waterland


Bullethound suffers a Jet addiction and can suffer a heart attack if he has too much "Action" if done so far,he is also cruel to slaves and prisoners either before getting killed or sold to slavery

Behind the scenes

He is heavily referenced to the Bullet farmer from Mad Max:Fury road