Detailed quest

Buying Echo Charlie or both

Go to Uncle Charlie's slavery farm and either buy Charlie Echo or both and a runaway slave named Radaghast and says Echo/Charlie or "Your deathclaws" Has been oppressed for a long time and their past owners getting killed due to their stupidity and the 2 Slaves has been returning to the farm for a long time thinking it's home,He then asks if you can follow him to his hideout you can then say to wait and he says he doesn't have time and marks the hideout in your pip-boy or follow him to the hideout instead

The Runaway's apartment

Going to the a Pre-war building that was almost destroyed go to the left apartment house and to the 2nd floor Radaghast then says to meet up with Fain about the plan,Fagin should be across the street in the red apartment,Meeting up with Fagin he should we frying what looks like sausages in a very dirty coat,he will engage a force conversation with you no matter what even with a Stealth boy Fagin will tell you the plans and meet with Halcoun near Uncle Charlie's Slavery farm

Give me liberty of give me death

Meet up with Halcoun in a hill near the slave farm Note shooting any of the Runaway slaves or they will out number you and cause a huge crossfire between you the runaway slaves and the slavers After talking to him he will set off some explosives possibly killing guards/deathclaws/slavers and buyers,A huge fight between slavers and slaves will take place with the savior force to help the runaway slaves(shooting one does not make the whole group hostile but they will after the quest is completed,It is also recommended that the PC has the Animal Friend for the Deathclaws to help and kill the slavers)after the fight the Savior will be paid 315 caps even with Halcoun dead


  • There is a possibility that Echo or Charlie will die without the animal friend perk and happy triggering the whole camp or be blown up by the explosion
  • There is a exception that you do not have to pay 2500 caps for Echo and Charlie,After doing this and having the Animal Friend perk you can ask them if they want freedom,The savior will think they said yes but in reality he/she does not know what they are saying
  • DJ Dennis will say "That old Slavery farm somewhere in the middle of North and South Dakota? Yeah,Them the ones that sell deathclaw's well they're dead and we can thank the kid or should i say kids who obliterated the camp

Behind the scenes

  • The name Fagin is one of the antagonist in the story Oliver twist by Charles Dickins same goes for the scene where Oliver first meet Fagin cooking sausages
  • The word Alipin is tagalog for slave
  • Radhaghast is a reference to the wizard in The hobbit